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Since getting myself on Snapchat (follow i.dorottka) I found to be doing a lot of unboxing over there so I now decided to discontinue the series Unbox with me on the blog. I leave it up to you, if you still wish for me to do it, I may restart the series in the next few months but I am currently sampled out. I decided to cancel my subscriptions so no more Birchbox and Glossybox for now. 

This month marks an extra special post as it's the last one in the series and I'm bringing you the April's Glossybox. Let's dig in shall we?

Next Matte Lipstick in Simply Peach full size £8.00

Starting off with my favourite item in the box. You probably already know my obsessions with lipsticks, especially matte finish and this one doesn't disappoint. Formula is super creamy and wears comfortably for up to 6 hours, depending on how heavy you go with food and drinks. It survived 4 hours with light lunch and tons of water on me. Colour is lovely, I would recommend wearing it with taupe to brown lip liner as it makes this pale peach truly pop. I've been wearing it with MAC Stone religiously and love the effect it gives. After couple of hours of wear it may sit weird on the mid lip creating a line, which in my eyes just doesn't look too good. However for the price range it's a great matte. Packaging is also aesthetically pleasing, with heavy transparent plastic, similar to MAC Charlotte Olympia (review here). 

Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner full size £22.00

Another fave from the box is the newly launched in UK (available now on Cult Beauty) brand Studio 10. I really like the brands philosophy as it supports women with cancer. This is what company has to say about their action:

"Studio 10 are showing their support for cancer charity Look Good Feel Better with their #raise1brow campaign – an opportunity to raise awareness (and some much-needed funding) for this phenomenal organisation as they work hard to support, advise and help boost the morale of women and teenagers battling cancer and the side-effects of treatment. For every Brow Lift Perfecting Liner sold, Studio 10 will donate one (worth £22) to the charity, in a bid to help women affected by cancer feel confident, and regain control over their appearance during a daunting period of change and uncertainty.
Purchasing a pencil also presents a perfect opportunity to raise awareness – simply post a selfie video, in which you try (and hopefully succeed!) to raise one eyebrow, together with the hashtag #raise1brow – then tag three friends to nominate them."

 I'm obsessed with brow products and have been straying from my favourite Freedom Brow Pomade and going for liners instead. This liner is promoted as an universal shade. I disagree slightly. Shade is perfect for blondes, however brunettes will struggle with it. I myself love the ashy undertone and it certainly is an interesting and long lasting option. It's double ended with the other end acting as a brow lift. Personally it is way too yellowy for me, however I will continue to test it and I plan to do my favourite brow product compilation, so if I like it, I will be talking to you in more depth there.

H&O Skindulgence No1 Cleanse and Hydrate Balm sample 10ml (full size RPR £43.50)

Cleansing balms are all the hype and I must be the only blogger to never tried one ! I stick to my well loved double cleanse of cold pressed virgin coconut oil and micellar water. I am looking forward to trying this out as it's a promising product. I only wish we were to get a little bigger sample. I think I'm just over testing samples as they never truly reflect on the quality of the product unless you test it for a good 2-4 weeks in my opinion. I haven't tried it yet but once I do I promise to update you on it. Ingredients list is impressive and it will indulge even the post picky of organic beauty lovers (check out the whole list here). I'm excited to give it a good spin to see what's the hype all about :)

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil sample 7ml (full size RPR £28.00, also available in set with cream for £45.00 - saving you £11.00)

I love this oil. Honestly it's the best facial oil I have used to date. It makes my skin so soft, it's unreal. I used it for 3 days straight (at night) and woke up with hydrated and tightened skin. I must try using it in the morning as well to see if it won't melt my makeup afterwards but for evening with an addition of sleeping cream from the same series it works wonders. Here's what bugs me. These samples (both cream and oil) are available to pick up for free from any Body Shop counter. I just find it infuriating this counts as one product in Glossybox if you can get it for free from Body Shop anyway !!! If you're interested CLICK HERE to get your hands on the vouchers :)

Leighton Denny Miracle Mist Speed Drying Spray full size £11.00

I rarely use nail polishes these days, I have gel nails or go for shellac so it's not something I will use anytime soon. So it's definitely the least favourite of products in this box. It's still a full size and for those of you obsessed with nail polish it will work great. Mist is very fine and I gave it to my mom to see how much it speeds up the drying process. It did so by a whooping 75% which is massive. Definitely one to go for if you're rushing out and worry about destroying that perfect mani. 


I must say it's a pretty good box overall. It's not the quality that makes me cancel my subscription. I have been a fan and a subscriber for over 4 years, since the first box and Glossybox launch in UK. I'm just sampled out. I prefer saving my hard earned pennies and spending it on quality full size items instead. I love the items in this box minus the drying spray as I just don't do traditional mani anymore. I would love for the cleansing balm to be full size but I'm glad to be able to try it out as ingredients list is truly amazing and I have been trying to go more natural and organic in my skincare. I also love the philosophy of Studio 10 and the brow pencil shade is perfect for me. I also like the Next lipstick as it works beautifully with my favourite MAC Stone liner for the Kylie Jenner lip look I seem to prefer these days. Body Shop sample is great, however I'm disappointed because you can get it free anyway. It should be a 6th product in my opinion. In overall it's well composed box and I will truly miss getting my Glossybox every month. However it's time for a little break. I may be back sooner than expected so watch this space ladies and gents :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. I have a sample of the TBS facial oil but haven't tried it yet, you made me want to open it right away :) I agree that after a while you are done with the beauty boxes and prefer to spend the money on something that you actually do want to try. xx

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. You must try it tonight !!! I woke up with my skin so soft - it hasn't been this soft in years - I'm shocked. I combined it with sleeping cream sample and OMG this morning my skin looked amazing despite me having an another sleepless night. Just warm up 1-2 drops in your fingers and tap it into your whole face before your usual moisturiser :) I expect you to love it tomorrow :)

  2. I agree about your reason for cancelling the subscription. If I ever cancel ipsy, it would be because I'm all sampled out as well. For now, it's still fun but I can see how one can quickly get overwhelmed by samples. This looks like a decent box, I personally prefer to receive makeup in my subscriptions.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I like to receive skincare but I don't think much of sample sizes lol - I currently swatched to Cohorted & Look Incredible. More expensive but better brands and full size products :) more things to try and review <3

  3. I understand you! I also cancelled my subscription almost a year ago and I haven't been regretted yet. I like buying full size products and I have noticed that a lot of testers and samples from the boxes still with me till now and even haven't opened them. A break it's really good idea!
    But this box is awesome, I like each product in it :)

    1. I must say I use samples quite a bit when I'm staying overnight which I do weekly, but I currently have two Alex drawers full of skincare, so it's time for a break :)

  4. That lipstick looks beautiful! I don't subscribe to any beauty boxes because they are so hit & miss! xx


    1. Yes the lipstick is great ;) it does set creating that annoying line in the middle of the lips but I forgive it as it's actually very matte and I love the shade :)

  5. I love the look of the lipstick shade you got - it's gorgeous! I really liked this month's box xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yes the box was incredible :) and I love the nude lipstick too - it's quite peachy and very matte, just lovely X


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