Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lipstick Hoarder Diaries # :Charlotte Olympia for MAC in Starlett Scarlet

I most certainly have a thing for MAC Lipsticks and when limited editions come knocking on the door, I just can't say no. Charlotte Olympia is a luxury shoe and accessories designer, who's love for high fashion has made her famous in world of celebrities and stylish women. Her famous 'web' logo is inpringted on all her designs and she took it also to designing a collection for MAC Cosmetics. Highly inspired by pinup and classic Hollywood, the collection takes us back to high fashion of silver screen starlets, and embodies elegance and femininity.

The collection is simple. Red lipsticks, contour cream bases and nail polishes are beautiful and designed with passion. I fell in love with Starlett Scarlet because it was the most beautiful shade of red in the collection. Packaging is unusual for MAC as the bullet design has been ditched for geometric transparent and heavy plastic, in which lipstick is held. Famous web logo in imprinted on the packaging but not the lipstick itself (I kinda wanted it to be...). There is a lot of talk about the packaging itself, you either love it or hate it, but I can't deny there's something about it that makes you want it more than its usual bullet form. I, myself prefer bullet form to any limited edition packaging, but that's just me and my OCD coming to play ;)

Charlotte Olympia Lipstick in Starlett Scarlet is a true bright red with slightly warmer undertones. It does not affect the whiteness of your teeth as with some warm red shades. It's matte bright red that works beautifully against my pale skin. It will work as well with medium and deep undertones that will bring this shade to life in different ways. 

I have tested the lipstick for several days. Plainly because I fell in love with the shade so much. It makes any eye makeup pop and will also work as statement lip with barely there makeup. I love matte lipsticks from MAC for their longevity and this one's no different. It stayed on my lips for a whooping 6 hours, only slightly fading. It survived lunch, coffee and hectolitres of water. I have had it on on the day I painted my hallway all day so it's also sweat proof :) Just imagine me with a paint brush and classic red and smokey eye - yes boys and girls I did that :) It started to fade a little bit towards the end of the day but it was fading evenly and not just eating up from the mid lip as normal. I also tested it on top of lip liner from Urban Decay and it lasted 8 hours. 

As with any matte lipstick, this one will need you to be careful when applied, as it doesn't go as smooth, as some satin finishes and a help of lip brush is needed to achieve a perfect outline. Here's when it comes handy to first line your lips with your favourite lip liner. When applied by lip brush itself, you will find it applied slightly less pigmented then straight from the bullet. It all depends on the effect you are planning to achieve, but for a true bright statement lip I recommend lining your lips first, then application straight from the bullet and maybe helping yourself a little with lip brush in the end.

I honestly can't fault the new offerings from MAC. Both the formula and the shade works for me as I love a good red statement lip. Charlotte Olympia Lipstick in Starlett Scarlet costs £17.00 and is available in store and online now.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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