Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I asked you on Monday on Snapchat (search i.dorottka to stay up to date) what review would you like to see next & I got most responses for GlamBrush Oval Brushes by our own, polish Youtube vlogger Hania from DigitalGirl13. Hanna has been designing her own brushes for a while now and finally she jumped on the new brush trend wagon - oval brushes !! Her first two designs OV1 & OV2 are both face brushes with the OV1 being a brilliant foundation brush, whereas OV2 is great for foundation, concealer and contour products.

I ordered the brushes directly of and splurged on OV1 RPR 69PLN & OV2 RPR 59PLN , which including the delivery was £29. It's most definitely a cheaper alternative to the "original" Artis brushes, which will set you back by a mere £100 plus Artis by being mainly black, with sturdy handles and rose gold/copper like finish. Just gorgeous.

Having heard great things about Oval Brushes in general (well except the terrible ones available for a few pounds on Ebay), I wanted to try the trend for myself. I didn't want to spend horrendous money doing so, I chose these, as they have generally favourable first reviews. I have read of great quality of bristles but very weak handles. I don't ever say a bad word on products I haven't tested myself, but based on first week of using - as long as you know how to correctly hold these and use them appropriately, these are quite sturdy in my opinion. They're also easy to wash, as they do not eat any product. They're so dense and soft that product is applied by the very top of the bristles. Wash is therefore quite easy. These are synthetic brushes, so they clean easily and dry in reasonable amount of time. Bristles look like new after few washes. I can't say how these will look in a year, but I am in favour of them at present. 

Application was, what everyone seemed to tell me, tricky at first, yet I found it super easy from the first brush :) I hold the brush as well as hold the back of the brush with a finger simultaneously so you have better grip & easier use. You then blend and buff the product in using circular motions. Easy & works the product in within seconds - no smudging. I used Missha BB Cream (medium coverage), and it works great, however coverage is little lost compared to buffing with Sigma F80. It works beautifully with Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, which means the lighter the formula the better the brush for it. I don't tend to use high coverage foundations as I prefer dewy finishes but I will continue to test with other foundations.

To sum up, I adore GlamBrushes. Having read some negative reviews about them breaking quickly, I was a little afraid, but I think it all depends on how you handle the brush. I gave you my best practice just above :) They are truly beautiful and you know I go mental for anything rose gold or copper, so that was a given with these brushes. The bristles are extremely soft and of great quality, you will want to buff & buff the foundation in for hours. They work great with cream contour products (OV2) and even the concealer, although I wouldn't recommend the eye concealer application as I worry you can't be gentle enough with this way of application and prefer to use patting motion instead, which can't be done with these brushes. 

What do you think ladies? I really like mine!!!


  1. I keep seeing these brushes everywhere and they look so good and seem like they would be so nice to use to blend in foundation! I will definitely check out Glam Brush! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. I've been really curious about these brushes - they are quite expensive so I haven't taken the leap to buy one just yet but I am sorely tempted xx



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