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Couple of sunny days gave me an inspiration to do something different and fun with my daytime makeup. I love pastels & love a bit of colour in my looks so I decided to share this love with you today. I absolutely adore my Sleek Del Mar palettes, they are colourful and fun, so if you like a bit of of that in your makeup, grab a coffee, sit comfortably and let's dig in shall we?

SLEEK DEL MAR VOL 1 - £7.99 (currently unavailable on Boots/Superdrug sites)

It's really hard to choose a favourite of the two, but I find myself reaching for Del Mar vol 1 more in the look I created for you. Pigmentation is ok in most shades - I especially love how well pigmented the white is. You will find a spectrum of pastels in here, from greens, through warmer peach and blues, purples. It's an all rounder in case you're looking for quality drugstore palette. It's often described as a drugstore version of UD Electric, but I just can't see it, shades are not deep or pigmented enough. If applied on white base they gain on pigmentation, yet still showing as lovely pastels. 

Lounge Lovers - white gold with a lot of shimmer running through
Poolside - deep, matte teal
Opening Party - navy blue with just a tad of satin finish and a bit of pink shimmer
On The Rocks - reddish coral with a shimmer finish
Sunset Strip - matte peach with orange undertones
Ambience - muted matte purple
Salamanca - matte light to medium cocoa brown, great transition shade
Feel Euphoric - pinkish coral with a bit of shimmer

Chilled Out - matte white
Blue Marlin - matte peacock blue
Balearic Beat - matte kiwi green 
Paradise - matte lilac
SLEEK DEL MAR VOL 2 - £7.99 (available in Boots - currently out of stock)
The lighter, romantic summer version of the two. There are so many lovely pastels in here, more cool toned with the exception of matte bright yellow. Blue hues are running the show in this one, with more satin/shimmers than Vol 1. I especially love the yellow as it compliments Vol 1 well. Again pigmentation is ok, better with some shades and lacking in others, it can be enhanced by the use of white base (NYX Milk is the weapon of choice for me). 

Loco – shimmery soft peach
San Antonio – matte bright peach
Pearl – shimmery champagne
Ushuaia – matte pinky nude

Ibiza Rocks – matte yellow
Zoola – shimmery gold
Puro – matte lavender pink
Bora Bora – matte turquoise 

Pura Vida – matte sage green
Spotlight – matte slate grey
Ocean Beach- matte deep blue-green
Siesta – matte medium taupe brown

When it comes to spring/summer looks I think the use of pastel colours is a must. Mattes are definitely the one to go for in my opinion as they look lovely on a sunny day. I started this makeup with theme in mind, I was inspired by watching a sunset in my garden so wanted to use the hues that mostly showed the colour spectrum: peach, reddish orange, purple lilac, yellow of the single flowers in the grass and green. It's all about blending with this look but it's super simple to recreate so if you do so, don't forget to use my hashtag #idorottka on Instagram so I can see your looks :)

I started by prepping my base. I used SPF as it was a sunny day and I wanted to work from the garden. I used Eucerin SPF50 as I'm super pale and would like to avoid premature wrinkles and age spots :) For my foundation I opted in for Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, which not only gives medium to high coverage whilst being super light and with SPF43++. It's a great and long-lasting option for sunny days. I use mine in shade 13, which is super light with ashy tones. For concealer I used my current favourite Bourjois Radiance Reveal (review here). I wasn't a fan when I reviewed it. I just could not get on with the application and coverage but what I love about it now is how moisturising it is for my undereyes and super light in texture. It compliments any lighter formula foundations well. I set the concealer with E.L.F Undereye Setting Powder. I didn't set the face as I don't really need to with Missha BB Cream. I then let my face sit whilst I played with eye makeup.
For my eyes I prepped it with NYX Milk and blended it with my fingers. I didn't set it with powder as I wanted to bring out the pigmentation in the shades I'll use. I started with mid eye and applied Balearic Beat absolutely stunning green. I blended out with my finger only slightly. I then applied yellow Ibiza Rocks to the inner corners blending it in with the green. I used flat syntethic brush both sides having a tad of green and yellow and applied it in between the shades to create a gradient blending effect. I cleaned up the brush and applied the lovely purple lilac to the outer corners. Again with two sides of flat brush I blended it in to the green.For my crease (or in my eyes case - just above it) I applied the most gorgeous semi matte peach Sunset Strip, I adore this shade so I played with blending a bit and blended it up quite high. I cleaned up the brow and the top of my peach with matte white Chilled Out
For the bottom lash line I used Sunset Strip On The Rocks to close up the makeup in a sense of it working with the lid and the crease. For my inner corners highlight I used Chilled Out again as I wanted this look to be mainly all matte, plus I love me a good matte highlight :) My eyes don't look to great with a liner flick so I opted in for a line alongside the upper lash line, not too thin & not too thick just to bring out the colours and making it less washed out. I used Maybelline Gel Liner mixed in with Inglot Duraline for the ease of application. I played around with lashes too, firstly by applying Manna Kadara Lash Primer, then there coats of Max Factor Velvet Volume mascaraMagnifibers in between the coats. I really like the full effect I achieved.

To finish up my face, I dusted off any fallout which was minimal with these shadows. I applied Vita Liberate Mineral Bronzer to the top of my cheekbones and dusting it on the sides of my forehead to add warmth to my pale complexion. I used a bronzer from Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette to lightly contour my cheekbones, jawline, forehead and the nose. I skipped blusher as I have a lot going on on my eyes and lips. I used theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer on top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose, cupid bow and just above the brow arch to highlight these areas. I finished up the look using super bright pink lipstick from MDS Flow in Panther It has matte to satin finish on the lips and it supposed to be releasing more pigment, making it brighter every time you rub your lips together. I'm not sure I see it, but the shade is just beautiful, despite the fact I rarely wear Barbie pink, this one definitely stole my heart and complimented the look well. 

I hope you enjoy the finished look. I shared it on Snapchat (follow me: i.dorottka) few days ago and got such lovely response from you - thank you so much !!! With the weekend fast approaching, what better time than to play around with some colours so I hope you take some inspiration from the look I've shown you today :) 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. That's a beautiful Spring look Dorota! I love playing with these palettes, they have such pretty colours :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Thank you Dagmara :) I love the pastels :) and I loved the compliments I got on the day I wore it :) also got ID in the shop for a bottle of wine - what a day :) x

  2. Such a beautiful, fresh makeup... Loved it!! That Blue Marlin shade is calling me :P

    1. Haha They're beautiful aren't they? And thank you, glad you like it xx

  3. So pretty, love pastel colours! I have a few palettes from Sleek and I love the ones I've got but for a while the brand doesn't really catch my attention. :/

    1. Yes I have the same feeling about Sleek in general. For example these are the only palettes I own from them, as I stick to more designer palettes or Makeup Geek or Zoeva that are just better quality X

  4. These are such gorgeous looks! I have both these palettes but I never know how to use the shades as I'm rubbish with colour haha xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I used to be terrible with colour and now, I'm not that great still but I love a little makeup playtime ;) xx

  5. Ten makijaż jest przecudny, pięknie dobrane i połączone kolory <3 I mimo takich szalonych odcieni, nie jest aż tak niepraktyczny :O

    1. Dziękuje, to najpiękniejszy komentarz bo właśnie o kolorową praktyczność mi chodziło. Ja byłam na zakupach, pózniej na spotkaniu ze znajomymi a na koniec na randce i miałam ten makijaz na sobie i dostałam mnóstwo komplementów :) do tego spędziłam pół dnia w ogrodzie, pracując stamtąd wiec Makeup naprawdę przetrwał w rożnych warunkach ;)


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