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With February being a tad shorter month I couldn't spare the spot for unboxing post and decided I will just do a double unboxing post for both months. If you'd like to see the boxes and what's in them as soon as they hit my doorstep, follow me on Snapchat: i.dorottka, where I unbox everything first :) 

FEBRUARY BOX theme was Shine Bright Like A Diamond and I really liked the simple design of the box. I felt it suited a winter month perfectly. Inside we received 2 full size products and 4 samples. I was pleasantly surprised by makeup offerings as it included brush, little something from The Balm and more :) 

Spectrum Tapered Powder Brush RPR £7.99 
Firstly I love the design, it fun and colourful although it does remind me a little of a kids toy makeup. I don't mind as the bristles are very well cut and go so soft. I mainly use it to set concealer in the morning because of its size. I prefer my powder brushes to be a little bigger but you can certainly use it for any powder products. It picks up and distributes the product and it's synthetic so animal friendly :)

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems RPR £8.00
I love eyeshadow sticks and this one is not an exception. Highly pigmented, more golden that champagne shade will look lovely on anyone, but it's certainly flattering to those with fair eyes. It can also be used as highlight for those with darker skin tones :) It stays put all day long and it's a gorgeous shade. It's also full size but you could have fooled me here as the crayon is actually pretty small.

theBalm Cosmetics Frat Boy Blush/Shadow sample (full size RPR £15.50)
I like sample sizes of both bronzers and blushers as I'm never able to finish up the full size item. I already own Frat Boy and it's a beautiful peachy pink shade, perfect for spring/summer season. I don't mind getting a sample though as I'm sure some of you would love to try it so it's ending up in future giveaway pile :)

Korres Milk Protein 3-in-1 Cleansing Emulsion 16ml sample (full size RPR £15.00)
I love Korres as a brand but I'm not that much into cleaning milks. It's still a good value sample and I'm sure I'll use it for overnight stays. It has a pleasant and subtle smell so it should be good for any skin types. 

Bio Nike Defence Xage Lifting Remodelling Balm 3.5ml sample (full size RPR £27.00)
This is where I have a problem with samples. 3.5 ml is not a sample size that you can test a product on, it's something you get for free at any counter or with shopping at online stores. Anything below 10ml is pointless in my opinion. It sounds like an excellent product for an ageing skin, but sample size makes it just unusable. It was a beauty bonus but still !!

Ayres Body Butter in Patagonia sample (full size RPR £19.50)
Another sample that's smaller to be considered a testing sample. It will last you for one all over body application plus it's quite heavily scented. Pass from me.

MARCH BOX theme was Word Up. I like word games and the box design is simple so it can be re-used for storage. Inside you'll find 3 full size products and 3 samples. I quite enjoy the full size products and there's an interesting mixture in both brands and items. 

Lanolips Hand Cream with Antibacterial RPR £9.99
As far as full size items go, hand cream is always a good one. I recently discovered Lanolips Lip Balm and I'm amazed at how amazing it is for my poor dry lips so I'm excited to give a hand cream a go. I know these have recently been rebranded with new packaging and I think it's really cute. Definitely a yes from me.

Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm RPR £11.00
This looks like any old school lip balm packaging wise, inside you will find a light pink transparent balm. This is paraben-free, cruelty-free vegan brand so it's always a welcome addition. It supposed to bring out your lip colour as well, something in likes of "my lips but better". Having used it for few days, I will say that it's quite heavily scented and tastes of fruit and something else I'm unable to recognise. It's not unpleasant but I don't particularly like it either. It is hydrating and non sticky and protects the lip for up to 3 hours which is impressive so not a bad little lip balm.

ModelCo More Brows in Light/Medium RPR £13.00
This is the most welcome addition to the box. I previously received this little brow mascara in medium /dark colour in one of the beauty boxes and I still love it. It is a little dark so I use it for evening looks mainly to set my brows with. Light/medium is perfect for me and I already used it. Formula is little wet at first but this becomes drier as months pass. I think it works perfectly at keeping brows at bay so I'm glad to finally have a shade appropriate for me.

Crea-m Anti-Aging Serum sample 10ml (full size RPR £33.90)
This is an another welcomed product. 10 ml sample is perfect to asses the product and I'm looking forward to using it as it's paraben-free as well. It has aloe quite high in list of ingredients and I love testing new serums so I'm very happy with it. 

Amika Nourishing Mask 20ml sample (full size RPR £19.99)
This is a one off hair treatment sample in a practical for travel sachet. For someone with shorter hair, it could be multi-use but for my waist long hair is just a tester. I will definitely pack it for any weekend away trip.

Doctor Duve Anti-aging & Firming Eye Cream sample sachet eat 1.5ml (full size RPR £115)
This is so annoying as this sample size, however ridiculously small just makes the overall value of the box higher as it's such an expensive product. For a standard eye cream that's 1/10 of the bottle so it's just not enough. If this was 3 ml-5ml then it would make a good sample. I'm actually super excited to try it as I've heard wonders of this cream but single sachet is a bit of a slap in the face.

Which box won? I'm not sure as both came packed with few items that are nice addition to my beauty collection. I will choose y favourite products instead. I really like the Spectrum Brush, it's already a staple in my daily makeup and remind me a little of Sigma Tapered Highlight Brush although it's slightly bigger.  ModelCo Brow Mascara is another winner for me as I just love this product and I'm glad to have it in Light/Medium shade this time :) Rest of the items I could live without but LOC eyeshadows is a nice addition as well as Crea-M Serum. Altogether these weren't bad Birchbox boxes, but somehow lacking a bit. I am definitely over teeny tiny samples, I want to properly test the product not use it once. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below :)

You can subscribe to Birchbox for £10.00 per month plus P&P

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. I love the look of the spectrum brush. I'm not a massive fan of subscription boxes. Like you, tiny samples annoy me. Especially with skin care because you need more to see if you going to like it! xx

    1. I have a rule - 10 ml is a testing sample, anything below if known by me already - travel sample, if not - I just give them away :) that brush is super soft !!

  2. I LOVE the look of that Spectrum brush, it's so pretty! I'm considering subscribing to the Birchbox monthly box but I'm not entirely convinced yet - I know I won't end up using a lot of the products and it might be a waste.

    Steph -

    1. I'm actually thinking of cancelling beauty boxes. I use up a lot of the products but I also have two Alwx drawers full of mini plus full size skincare awaiting so may be a time for a break. Don't get me wrong I love it but I need to take a break :)

  3. You have several great goodies from your Birchboxes that I would love to try myself!


  4. I love the look of the Spectrum brush!
    Louise |

    1. It's super soft and already a staple in my daily routine :) X

  5. I love Frat Boy & that Lanolips hand cream! Great boxes! xx


    1. I love Lanolips lip balm and I can't wait to finish my current hand cream to start my new one :) X

  6. So beautiful box! Love even the color - absolutely perfect and trendy!
    Wanna try the product by theBalm and others of course also! Very good collection, I love everything!

    1. They weren't bad boxes :) there's plenty I'm glad to be able to test :) xx


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