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Dry skin can be a real pain, if you're looking for a foundation. Too heavy bases will not only look cakey, but also accentuate any dehydrated areas, wrinkles etc. Dry skin requires a light and moisturising formula. I am forever looking for that perfect base and lately the closest I came to perfection were Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue on a pricey side and Collection Illuminating Foundation from the other side of the scale. However a new launch from Bourjois City Radiance catched my eye, so I went to Boots to match the shade to my complexion. 

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

I quite enjoy the packaging, tube is easy and it's not too messy. Of course this isn't ideal, pump is more hygienic at the end of the day, but I quite like it. I like the combination of pale pink tube and silver lid with Bourjois logo.
The closest I came to ideal was the lightest shade 01 Rose Ivory. Shade is near my ideal, but still around a half a shade darker than I'm used to. I found my way around it, so it doesn't bother me as much, but I wish Bourjois and other drugstore brands started to recognise us pale beauties a little more. 
Formula of the foundation is very creamy, it doesn't move around if you squeeze it at the top of your hand which is a plus, but I worried it will be too heavy for me. I use the equivalent of one pump all over the face. it gives medium coverage but it's build able. I avoid high coverage foundation, as one I don't need it, and two I hate my base too look unnatural and heavy. This doesn't happen with this foundation. It sits comfortably on my dry skin and it doesn't accentuate the problematic areas, like dry skin or wrinkles. It covers any redness nicely. I prefer to use it with my Sigma F80, which is my go to foundation brush. 
Regarding the shade, it's not too pinky, which is great and works well with my cool undertones. I really enjoy the effect it gives me, providing me with a lovely smooth base. It lasts around 6 hours on it's own and up to 10 hours when set with an additional setting spray. I find that MAC powder doesn't work too well with it, but my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit or NYX Dewy Setting Spray works wonder together. 

Bourjois City Radiance Concealer

I love the packaging. Clear bottle with a mate plastic works well, it looks very smart and professional.
With regards to shade I thought it was ok in store but at home, in daylight lighting it is clearly too dark. 
Formula of the concealer has a lot to learn from the foundation in my opinion. It's super light and liquid in texture, so if not set correctly it will set in under eye creases. I find it's super moisturising though and under eye area does look hydrated when using this concealer. However it provides very light coverage and building the coverage can be tricky. I use Sigma F80 to staple the product in and then proceed with my fingers, again with tapping motion. I then use a Beauty Blender to work the product in. If needed (and believe me you will need it) I repeat the steps with a second coat. It can go very wrong if you apply too much straight away as it doesn't set, so small amounts are the only way to go. Shade is a lot darker so I use it as a coat 1 and then add a lighter and more high coverage concealer on top. I find this provides a moisturising base to my top concealer. 


I really enjoy using the foundation. It gives me flawless skin that's neither matte or too shiny. It the perfect in between. It works great for my dry and dehydrated skin and I think it will also work well on combination. Oily skin should probably look elsewhere. I like the glow from within it gives my skin, making it a perfect day to day foundation. I used it for a night out as well and it created a good base for 6 hours of dancing so yay ;) I don't like the concealer, I prefer creamier formulas that set. Yes, I know it's hydrating but honesty it does very little to conceal under eye circles and the shade is way too dark. Have you used the foundation or a concealer? What's your thoughts on the newest offerings from Bourjois? Let me know of any of great and hydrating bases you think I should try next? I'm kinda obsessed with base products at the moment so sound off in the comment below :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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