Wednesday, 9 March 2016


It's already Day 3 of my Makeup Revolution Week. It's going so quickly :) Are you enjoying it so far? Yesterday we talked a little on my new favourites for contour and strobing so I decided to finish up the subject of cheeks and share with you my all time favourite blush palettes from MUR. 

Both come from Ultra Blush line which means they come in sleek black shiny plastic packaging with huge mirror inside. Isn't it handy? I really like palettes as they are so handy if you're out and about as a professional MUA or for travel. 

I love pink blushes. I feel they compliment my pale skin, but I know for the fact they will compliment any skin colour giving dark skin more of a highlight look and pale and medium skin tones a healthy flush to the cheeks. 
Formula is great, very soft and almost like cream to touch. All the blushes are super pigmented and come in different finishes. In the palette you get 6 blushes and 2 highlighter shades. 5 shades are matte with a 3rd one in top row being a satin finish. Both highlighters are of a baked finish and super pigmented. 
I really like matte blushes as I prefer my shine to come from highlight, but it's nice to have a choice of satin finish as well. All blushes are super pigmented so a light hand is advised. They blend well, I would recommend using a fluffy blush to do so. My favourite is Real Techniques Blush Brush as it takes only a little products and it's just easier to manage :) 
Lasting power of both blushes and highlighters is great. They last up to 10 hours on me, which is amazing. 
I highly recommend this palette to anyone, be that an amateur looking for a choice of colours and professional, as they're amazing quality for the price.

I tend to favour cream products for my dry skin, especially during spring/summer season as they lighter in texture and there's no need to powder it down, which can end up cakey on hot summer day. Having bought powder palette first, I knew I want to try the cream version and it did not disappoint.
As with the other palette, formula of the blushes is great, they are creamy, super pigmented and easy to blend. What I like about creams is they are easier to apply, you can start with a slight flush to your cheeks or build it to "I'm out for the night" effect. They also look super natural, whenever I wear them, I get asked about my skin as I look like I just flushed naturally. 
They all have a lovely satin to matte finish on the skin which looks lovely. Shades are great, you will certainly have more of a choice here as there's something for everyone from lilac, pinks to corals. With creamy formula you can really go easy on the colour so they will suit any skin tone in my opinion.
Lasting power is slightly reduced, if they aren't set with the powder but on my dry skin they can still last up to 6 hours. With oily and combination, I would strongly suggest to either set them slightly with powder or reapply throughout the day. It's absolutely fine to re-applu, they don't streak or go patchy throughout the day, which is a huge plus for the formula. 
I really enjoy using this palette and would recommend to anyone, especially with dry to combination skin. 

I can't choose which palette I enjoy using more. I tend to go for powder formulas more in Autumn/Winter and for creams in warmer months. However this year I enjoyed using creams throughout the winter as well, so this changes for me all the time. I absolutely adore the shades in both palettes. The choice is yours. Powder vs Cream. Which one will you go for? Sound off in the comments below :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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