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Unbox with me: Love is in the air, is Glossybox Valentines Day 2016 edition a perfect gift?

Hello & welcome to my page :) If you're new here, I'm glad we get a chance to meet and if not, welcome back to my monthly series where I unbox hot beauty boxes. Is this months Glossybox worth the hype it's already getting in the blogosphere? Let's see, shall we?

Every year Glossybox comes out with limited edition box for February. Love is the theme of the month and I for one, I'm all up for it. We can disagree on the importance of Valentines Day, but I love to celebrate and any reason to do so, is the reason good enough :) This year I really love the design, white box with watercolour painted balloons and Love is in the air logo - just gorgeous. 

Does what's inside matches the theme of this month's box? In a funny way it does, is it perfect? Certainly not. You will find 5 full size products and I love a good full size box, but I can't fight the feeling, it's somehow very cheap. All products are very drugstore priced and I love Beauty Boxes for the idea of trying out a bit of luxury. Do I think adding a razor to the Valentines box is appropriate? However useful it is and strangely enough VERY useful for that particular day, it does take away the romance a little bit doesn't it? 

Strangely enough the theme is the hair, the unwanted (razor and tweezers) and wanted golden locks (conditioner) . I may be a little taken aback by the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor (RPR £6.99), but I can't fault its usefulness. I'm not a huge fan of this particular series, I prefer Venus razors and good old coconut oil, but I'm sure this product will finds its use. Razor may not be my ideal VD idea but Browtician Love Skull Tweezers (RPR £7.99) are a little better. I really like the cute design and I already tested them. They are sharp, have a limited edition design and are locked in a plastic box, ensuring the storing damage is minimal. Tweezers may not be romantic but it was time for mine to go and I'm glad to have found a good replacement :)

I like Naobay as a brand, it's just a little worrying this is the 3rd product in the year found in the Glossybox. Nevertheless Naobay Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner is a natural & organic haircare and I would be a fool not to appreciate the full size product. I really enjoy using the skincare sent to me previously so I will be happily giving this one a go. It smells great, as the whole range, formula seems nourishing and I will most definitely test it out. It's a shame it doesn't come with a standard wooden accent to the packaging, but it's white with black letters and still look very professional. RPR £10.64.

I think what I love and I'm disappointed with at the same time is makeup. Two full size makeup products got me really excited but having found MUA and Nicka K yet again in the box, just proves we are no longer here to discover new brands and only rehash old ones. I'm not a lipgloss fan so I will be passing on the new MUA Power Pout Glaze Low Voltage Gloss (RPR £3.50) but I like the shade sent to me - Spellbound is a lovely sheer red and will work nicely on any lipgloss enthusiast. I myself am more of a lipstick fan so will be giving it a pass. Secondly Nicka K New York 24 Hr Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Brown (RPR £3.99) is a lovely warm brown shade. It has a built in sharpener and a smudger on one end, making it a a nice choice, but I don't agree it's a smudge-proof formula. I have tried few Nicka K products and haven't been too impressed with their quality. It's a cheap eyeliner and I think it works for what it is, but if you're looking for kohl that doesn't budge, this isn't one of them.

To sum up, this isn't a bad box and I'm sure it will fit many people just fine. I am just not that into it, I guess. I really like the tweezers and we will be great friends, I know that already, but for the rest? I like the conditioner mask and I'm sure I will give it a good go, because there's always room for a new more natural haircare in my bathroom. I won't lie that I won't be using the razor, as it is an essential item and I'm sure I will like it just fine, but yet again this is a second time we are getting the same razor in the box. That and rest of repeated products made me less excited about Valentines Day edition. I just don't think any of the products really fit the theme as such. I would rather see a volumising mascara or a pretty blush, makeup wise and maybe a great pre-party face mask or a bath pampering products. These would scream Valentines to me. 

What do you think about this month's Glossybox? Do you agree with me or maybe you loved the box? Please take in consideration I have been with Glossybox since they launched in UK and I have seen it all as I only ever missed one box so my opinion may be affected by that ;) I just expected more that's all. It's still a great quality box and worth its price. If you'd like to know more about Glossybox and subscribe - check them out here. All monthly boxes are £10.00 plus P&P.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. As much as I like that particular razor I don't like to see it in the beauty box, especially V-Day edition :) Not the best beauty box, I agree! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. It's quite a daring choice ;) Tweezers are really great and I have a feeling me & conditioner going to be good friends as well but for rest? Just meh lol

  2. It's such a personal thing but I loved this month's box! Full sized everything was fab xx

    1. Haha it is isn't it? I just find it a very odd selection of products ;)

  3. I have to say that I'm not very impressed with this box, either!

    1. It's such a shame. I love the design though - such a pretty box ;) x


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