Monday, 15 February 2016


What do I look for a Monday morning when doing my makeup? Hydration and glow come to mind. My skincare routine is now on point but to add a little extra to my makeup shenanigans I opt for face mists. Today I come to you with two of my favourites that won't break the bank. 

After my skincare I like to spritz my face with a little of Freedom Priming Water. This is a dupe for Smashbox. I haven't tried Smashbox offerings but I can honestly say, I don't want to, as Freedom Priming Water works great on my dry skin. It gives that extra level of moisture which then turns in to a super glowing base as my foundation looks so much better if applied after :) It gives the glow only seen on refreshed skin and who does need their base to look fresh especially on a Monday morning ;)
It's only £6.00 and you can get it here. Here's what Freedom has to say about it:

Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water is a stunning lightweight primer, providing the perfect base underneath your makeup or on top for extra highlighting. This easily absorbed water, enhanced with multi-vitamins hydrates skin for hours revitalising your complexion and boosting radiance.

I like to give my base a little extra glow on top of my makeup and I recently ordered NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray (get it now for £7.00 HERE). It was a love from the first spritz as this super fine mist gives you not only dewiness only seen on the red carpet but also takes away any powder look from the face whilst feeling super hydrating as well. It's a win win for my super dry skin. Finish is just beautiful and I only wish it came in bigger bottle as I can see myself repurchasing it all the time. 3 spritz is all I need for a full face but it being only a small bottle hurts me deeply lol. Here's what Boots have to say about NYX product:

Demand Perfection! For that fresh make up look that lasts NYX Makeup Setting Sprays are lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put. Available in a gorgeous Matte Shine-Free Finish or Dewy Fresh Glow.

Have you tried any of the above face mists? What did you think? Or maybe you are on a look out for the perfect dewy skin finish? In my opinion I have found my perfect before and after duo :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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