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Hello ladies & gents. If it's the first time we meet, welcome to my tri-weekly ramblings and if not, hello again :) I would tell you to subscribe, if you dare to face the madness, but I'll let you make your own decisions. I was inspired by a blogger friend of mine, Allison from Never Say Never Beauty to go through my overflowing empties bag & finally do something about it. Here it is. First in the series, as the bag is seriously too large to put it all in one. Empties or what I've used in the last few months :) 


I use a lot of makeup removing products as I double cleanse my face with micellar waters and coconut oil or cleansing balms. I have used up the bottle of one of my favourite drugstore cleansers: Garnier Micellar Water. It's super cheap, you can get it on sale for less that £3 and the bottle is huge (400ml). It works great at removing makeup and it's easy on the pocket. Win win. I also used up the pack of Garnier Micellar Water Wipes. I don't use wipes for my face, but as I constantly battle swatching, my hands are always covered in makeup. I have a pack with me in my bag all the time (lunchtime Boots visits lol) and by my dressing table. They aren't the best wipes I've used, they're a little dry for my liking but they did the job and I got few packs to test few months ago so I've never spent a penny. I wouldn't recommend them though, as there are better wipes out there, especially if you use them to remove makeup from your face. 

I was finally able to test Bioderma Micellar Water as I received a sample in one of the beauty boxes. I must say I can't really see the difference between it and Garnier product and Garnier is cheaper so I would not consider swapping. However I like the teeny tiny bottle so I'm keeping it for whenever I have to stay somewhere overnight. I can then just have enough micellar water to take me through the weekend :) 

Finally the last makeup remover and this time it is a sample of Lancome Bi-Facil double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. I always have a sample or two in my bathroom. It is by far the best duo-phased eye makeup remover out there. Its oily formula removes even the waterproof mascara in seconds. It's truly miraculous. I tent do test a lot of duo-phased removers, trying to find a good enough dupe in drugstore, but so far none has taken the place of Lancome's offerings. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go :)


There are many people who say that this is a completely useless step but as an owner of super dry and sensitive skin, I find that the cleansing process can be quite harsh on my skin, even if I'm being super delicate with it. Having a good nourishing toner that calms my skin is a given for me so I never skip this step. It's also super refreshing in the morning. Recently I used up Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner. It contains a soothing blend of calendula, chamomile and aloe vera to soothe and rehydrate skin. I don't sweep it on the pad, instead I pat my face gently, or use a sheet mask soaked in the toner, if I have a bit more time in the morning or evening. I loved the smell of this toner and I wasn't happy when it was gone. I use something new now and I'll be reviewing it soon so watch this space :)


I used up an amazing Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Power Serum (£49.00 for 30ml). I received a luxury 15 ml sample and it lasted me for absolute ages. You only ever need so little as it just glides on the skin. It has a pleasant citrus smell, which I loved and it makes your skin so soft. I used it mainly at night to give it time to work but you can use it twice daily as well. I have quite a few serums to test but once they're gone I will consider repurchasing as it's really an incredible product. 

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm Anti-Aging (£35.00 for 50ml) is my fairly recent discovery thanks to being an addition to one of newspapers. Again 15 ml sample was a great way of testing a product and me and my skin really liked it. It's quite rich but it worked very well under makeup (hello dry skin lol). It gave my face a healthy glow and kept it moisturised throughout a day. I wouldn't rate application process as much, as it did drag my skin a little bit. Its best applied if warmed up in between the fingers for few seconds or used on top of light serum. I'm in the process of testing new moisturiser now but I would consider going back to it.

Lastly I used up two sample packs from Skin Pep. Firstly Dark Circle Eraser Eye Cream. It's a very rich under-eye cream perfect for nighttime. I can't really say anything to results as it only lasted for a week but little goes a long way and I would consider buying full size. I have a great eye cream now so maybe not in the nearest future. and Collagen Renew Growth Factor Night Cream. I really liked the rich formula, however I think this has blocked up my pores a little. I wouldn't consider buying full size.

There you have it. My skincare empties for the last few months. As you can see I'm quite obsessed with cleansing my face ;). I think I found few gems in there that are worth repurchasing, especially the Origins Serum, which was just spot on.  I hope you liked today's ramblings of a mad woman and I'll see you soon with my next post :) Don't forget to subscribe - all the links below <3

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. I have a basket full of empty bottles and can't bring myself to take photos and write about them :) I keep buying the Garnier Micellar Water, it's a great makeup remover, no need to spend more money on something similar :) I also have the Elemis Balm but I don't like it, not sure why but it doesn't do anything illuminating to my skin. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I don't think it works as a true illuminator, but it does nourish my skin which in few weeks of using became more radiant and illuminated from within :) My dry skin loved it <3

      I was exactly the same with my empties, there's still a lot to go through but man, it's already a ton lighter haha x

  2. Cleansing is so important! I mean, you can use all the fancy creams and serums you want, but if your skin is not properly cleansed, they're not gonna work!

    1. A girl after my own (cleansing obsessed) heart ;) I agree 100%

  3. I love the Garnier Micellar water, Origins serum & Elemis Pro Radiance Balm too! xx


    1. I'm all over Plantscription range from Origins :) loved the serum, love the eye cream now :)

  4. I absolutely love a micellare water by Bioderma, it's my fave ever! I have tried a few others but this one is the best.
    And I'm also a person who don't use a toner, I can't understand why I need it :) But may be I'll start after your post!

    1. I use a toner because my face is super sensitive and I am yet to find a cleanser which doesn't irritate it. Good hydrating toner is a must for me :) give it a try, I dare you haha ;)


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