Monday, 22 February 2016


Monday an be a drag but what better way to improve your mood then talking makeup? I have treated myself for Valentines Day with "a little" shopping spree at Beauty Bay. I was inspired my my lovely friend Agnieszka (find Fringiella on Instagram) and spent my hard earned monies on some Makeup Geek :) There were two factors of this surprise purchase, second being a Facebook post from Beauty Bay announcing release of the new contour powders. I knew I had to have them and few eyeshadows I stumbled on along the way :) 

*Disclaimer: This is only a haul post, so please forgive me for not swatching them for you but I'm awaiting my Inglot Flexi Palette and don't want to take them out of the packaging just yet. I promise to review them as soon as I can get my hands on a palette to place them in :)*

Contour Powders:

I am a proud owner of a very pale skin with pink undertones so I had to get my hands on two shades from the cool tone collection. Break Up & Infidelity are both cool toned bronzers with superb pigmentation and I honestly can't wait until I'm able to properly test them out. Get them here for £7.95 each. I really love the description for each shade, it's super easy to find one that will suit you best. There are two ways of naming the shades. Warm tones get to be named after love and cool tones after broken hearts. So funny - I love it. Break Up is the lightest shade from the range. It's a beautiful greyish taupe and it will work beautifully on ladies with pale skin tones with cool undertones. Great daytime contour shade. Infidelity is the second shade in the range, it's more neutral in tone and of a lovely muted medium taupe brown. I will be using it in the summer when I'm a little more tanned and for the nights out to chisel my cheeks even more.


I got 4 matte shades as I've heard so much about the formula. The shades I chose are really greatly pigmented and perfect for everyday and evening makeup. I went for cult shades such as Creme Brûlée (great crease shade), Frappe (another crease shade, darker than the first) and Cocoa Bear (perfect to define the eye in the outer corners or all over the lid for warm chocolate smokey). I like my smokey eye to be of a warm tone and I choose Poppy, muted red shade to compliment the browns I chose. I had to try other finishes as well. I went for foiled finish In The Spotlight which is just a gorgeous champagne shade, super pigmented. As for duo chrome the choice was obvious and I went for Mai Tai. I really hope it will be that perfect in between shade, for the mobile lid or to blend out outer corners towards the middle. 

I'm super happy with my purchases and I already know I will be buying more. I think me & Makeup Geek will be great friends for the years to come and In The Spotlight is the shade I fell in love with instantly. 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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