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Hello, fancy meeting you here :) How are you? January is shaping to be quite a busy month for me on all fronts and so far so good, I've been able to post 3 times a week plus bonus post each week - yay me. Hope you enjoyed starting a new year with me and I promise - this will be an awesome year :) In terms of matching the theme to my current mood - there comes the Birchbox :) So let's see what beauty gods are treating us to this month shall we?


It's a collab with Pinterest and very interesting design indeed. I am Pin obsessed so it lands in my fave category for sure. It's a keeper :)


Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer (sample 3g - full size RPR £18.50)

I like Benefit and samples are always welcome but you can get these for free at a friendly Benefit counter so.... I already own a sample and tbh I can't see that much of a difference if used with They're Real Mascara. It's great for lazy days to use on it's own though.

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener + Waterliner in Flash Nude (full size - RPR £14.95)

Always welcomed are full sized products. I have high hopes for this liner as my theBalm nude liner is nearing the end and I can't walk out f the house without some beige in my waterline. Let's hope it's as good as my current favourite but I'll certainly give it a good testing spin ;)

Whish Three Whishes Almond Body Butter (sample 22ml - full size RPR £14.50)

I haven't heard of Whish but man this body butter smells delicious !! So nutty and sweet !! Formula is so light and sinks in almost instantly without leaving any greasy residue. If only I wasn't so lazy and used body butters lol. I am keeping this one as a hand cream - the scent is to die for :)

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (sample - full size RPR £14.00)

Yet again we are treated to Beauty Protector (brand exclusive to Birchbox). Sample is of an unknown size but I am sure to give this one a go. Anything with a word detangle in, gets my immediate attention so I'll give it a swirl.

Absolution L'Eau Soir et Matin (sample 30ml - full size RPR £27.00)

I haven't heard of Absolution so I'm excited to give this one a go. It's a cleansing water promising to remove all makeup easily and to leave skin soft. We shall see :)

Birchbox Compact Mirror (RPR £4.00)

Not much to say, it's pink and has #nofilter hashtag printed - me likes lol. Minus point on being just that, it doesn't close. All you do is flip and the mirror is just there at the back. I can't see it being too useful and honestly looks like really poor quality.


I'm not super impressed with this months Birchbox. I buy & test a lot of makeup and I am blessed with samples arriving at my door quite often so I'm just over sample sized items I think. It's not a bad box with mixture of products and all looking pretty good but I'm underwhelmed by it. I like the packaging, I'm a Pinterest junkie so this has wowed me but that's that. I am looking forward to seeing how Jelly Pong Pong liner adds up to my current fave from theBalm but the rest I could live without.

What do you think ladies? Do you like the Birchbox offerings or wish you could have just skipped this box like me? Sound off in the comments below

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. Powiem Ci że też bym nie była super ekstra podekscytowana tymi produktami. Przez pare lat zamawiałam Glossy Boxa, ale już od dłuższego czasu dawali same bezużyteczne produkty, albo w paru pudełkach pod rząd ten sam rodzaj kosmetyku tylko innej firmy i zazwyczaj to był balsam do ciała , którego w ogóle nie używałam. Podobało mi się że na samym początku można było trafić fajne produkty z górnych półek tj Illamasqua, essie, Urban Decay itp ale szybko to się niestety skończyło.

  2. Ja jestem uzależniona od Glossy. W tym miesiącu bomba. Recenzja w przyszłym tygodniu :) ale masz racje ileż można. Ja jestem za leniwa na balsamy do ciała. Używam tych w sprayu ;) ale trzeba przyznać ze co któryś miesiąc trafia się jakieś cudo wiec dalej żyje z dwoma pudełkami na miesiąc. Lubię pudełka z Latest in beauty. Nie ma subskrypcji. Wiesz co jest w pudełku, wiesz za co płacisz :)

  3. The box itself looks super cute, the products inside-not so much :( x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. I really want to try a box sometime but when I see a not impressing one like this, it puts me off. I'd love to read about the Jelly Pong Pong liner though. :)


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