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January is the time to rest after all the Christmas parties we attended but also a season for new, where we meet up with friends, relax and go out all over again. Whatever your situation, I come to you with a lovely warm smokey eye full of shine, perfect for blue/green/grey eyes. I absolutely love warm toned smokey, as it accentuate the colour of my eyes and it's easy to wear both daytime & nighttime :) Without further ado may I present you the first makeup look of 2016 - hope you enjoy :)
I use only a handful of products, tried to keep it simple & easy to achieve. It's a mixture of drugstore & luxury but you can always swap luxury items for their drugstore counterparts.


After priming my face I use a small amount of L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation in Porcelain mixed with a drop of marula oil. It makes any foundation more dewy and it sits better on my dry skin. I don't powder it down, it gives plenty of coverage and sets to powder like finish on it's own, just give it 10 mins or so before applying any other powder products like bronzer (Kobo in Sahara Sand). 
I concealed my under eye area with Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in 01 & set it with E.L.F Under-Eye Setting Powder. I apply just a little extra as if to bake the concealer, as I'll be using pigments later on and they do fall out on occasion. 
I skipped blush to keep the face slightly bare. I use a little contour to accentuate my cheekbones and Kobo Sahara Sand is one of my favourites for pale skin. I added a little of forgotten Mary-Lou Manizer as I can't leave a house without a highlight as you probably all know by now ;) Thank you gods of strobing !!!


I love my Cocoa Blend palette. It's been my first ever Zoeva palette and one of the most used palettes ever !! I primed my lid first with UD Naked Skin Concealer and set it with matte beige shade from the palette. Bitter Start has an incredible pigmentation and is one of the most used shades from the palette. 
I then apply a transition shade just above my crease (you should apply it in the crease if you haven't got hooded eyes). I use Substitute For Love - beautiful camel shade and keep re-applying until the intensity is just right. I blend it in to the outer corner as well to create a shade. I then intensify it with Freshly Toasted, another warm brown, to give the eye some depth. I leave the mid lid free and add Beans Are White, dark charcoal/brown shade to the outer corner to deepen it even further. 
For my lower lid I do the same steps but start with Beans Are White, then Freshly Toasted and Substitute for Love to blend it all out. 
Time for the shine. I use MAC pigment in Rose on the middle lid. I mix it with a little Inglot Duraline. Applied wet this pigment has an amazing strong effect. Just beautiful !! I keep my inner corners simple - no shine and apply more of Bitter Start.
I run a little liner (Beans Are White) in the lash line. Two coats of mascara complete this look.


For my brows I used Freedom Brow Pomade in Taupe. I kept lips simple with a coat of MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick.

I hope you like the finished look as much as I do. You can skip the pigment altogether or replace it with any shimmer shade from the palette but I got my MAC pigments for Christmas so expect them in a lot of tutorials as I just love them <3

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. Ooh this look is pretty! I like that it's mainly focuses on the eyes. The Zoeva palette is beautiful, and I agree about highlighter - what did I ever do without it?! Fab look and post xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. Thank you hun. Totally agree with you and thank you for such lovely words. It means a world to me :)

  2. Beautiful eye look, Dorota! And that pigment is just gorgeous! x
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Thanks Dagmara, glad you liked it. I am obsessed with warm tones, forgot about them a little in December lol, time to go back :) Yes, this is just a gorgeous pigment, next time you're in MAC you know what to go for :)

  3. Gorgeous look! I was thinking of buying this pigment a while ago, then I saw the Zoeva Rose Golden palette and I wonder how similar this pigment to its shades. I really like your lip colour too. :)

    1. Thank you so much hun :) I love this shade so much and the lipstick has been one of my favourite nudes of all time :) Kinda Sexy is my kinda sexy lol ;)

  4. Pigment z Maca jest boski <3 uwielbiam je i teraz przez Ciebie muszę sobie go obmacać na żywo :P niestety dziś jadę na zakupy i mam nadzieję że na żywo mi się nie spodoba bo moja dzisiejsza lista zakupów kosmetycznych jest megaaaaaa długa :P

    1. Hahah ja nie wydaje nic na kosmetyki w tym miesiącu - przede mną zakup nowego iPhone więc Beauty musi poczekać niestety :( jak pomacasz to się zakochasz x

  5. Dorota, I adore this look! I am going to search my stash and palettes for a rosy rose gold like the one you're wearing from the Zoeva palette that we don't have here. Just gorgeous!!! My eyes are blue-grey so I hope it'll look as good as on you xoxo

    1. Thank you so much ! It means a lot !! We need to do a swap one day and I'll send you some Zoeva goodness !! Everyone should try Zoeva - it's incredible! !

  6. I love this warm gorgeousness!!! Amazing look!
    The Cocoa Blend palette might be my favorite of all time!

    1. It's definitely my favourite palette of all time :) amazing shades, pigmentation is insane - superb quality :) isn't that MAC pigment just the most gorgeous as well? xx

  7. This eye look is beautiful and i love my new Zoeva palettes,so happy with them xx♥xx

    1. Thank you so much Vinnie :) I love this look so much :) if you ever met me this combo (or something very similar) is my go to look. Little smokey, very warm :) xx


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