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♥ BEAUTY FAVOURITES NOVEMBER 2015 ♥ And the award goes to...

Hello my beauties :) This is a true hello from the other side (yeah Adele!) as I' currently enjoying my mini stay at the hospital hooked to few IVs. Nothing too serious but I'll be here until tomorrow. Apologies for this post being published so late but I needed to get myself connected to WIFI first :)

Can you believe it's already December??? Winter is upon us, even though weather outs is still autumnal. The time has come to celebrate all the amazing products I tried, tested and loved in November. Are you ready? Let's do this thing :)

This is my first ever Vice palette and I am a convert. Shades are gorgeous. Ability to create multiple looks is unlimited and all you need is a little of imagination and a good primer to fly with this palette. I won't go in to too much detail as I already reviewed it, but it has been my go to palette in November. Check out my posts about it here and the look I created here.

I have been wanting to replace my biggest love Collection Lasting Perfection concealer with something slightly lighter for under the eyes and I found this gem. Yes, it is way more expensive but it has better even better coverage it's slightly lighter in tone (yay for pale skinned) and lighter in formula making this a perfect choice for a delicate under eye area. It stays put all day (make sure to set it) and I use it also to highlight high point of my face for more natural, matte strobing effect. Highly recommended !!!

I've used UD setting spray for quite a while now and have to admit this is by far the best one I've ever used. Makeup stays put all day, there's no need to set it up with powder, and if you do, it will make it look less powdery and cakey. All together great setting spray. I talked about it in more detail here, if you'd like to know a bit more.

I love the formula of this little pot. You only need a little to cover any redness, veins or darkness around the lid. It will prolong the wear time of your eyeshadow and it's so light !!! I really enjoy using it as a base or on more natural days. I always powder it down a little to set it in place. It will not make my UD primer redundant as I still think it's the best one out there but it comes close and it's a little cheaper. Great buy !!

I've received this lipstick in my November Glossybox and it's been on my lips ever since. It's such a gorgeous, deep burgundy shade. Perfect for autumn.  I really like the formula, it sits comfortably on the lips and wears off nicely too. Stays put for few hours as well. For more info and lip swatches check out my Glossybox first impressions review

These two brushes are so gorgeous with rose gold handles and super soft bristles. Little dupes for RT Bold Metals brushes and at the friction of the price. I bought a full set but found these two to be my absolute favourite. Powder brush works great  for both foundation and powder products application. i prefer using it to dust powder on my face to set my foundation with, as well as blending cheek products after applying bronzer and blush for that perfect finish. I use Sculpt Blush Brush to apply my bronzer/contour with. It's a little pointed so it works great to add the product and not too dense so blending it out works as a charm. Two really great brushes to add to your collection :)

A little more expensive brush but what a gem this is !!! Bristles are super soft, softer than any brush I've ever used. Tapered design means it works great with powder for under eye area as well as to apply the highlight. I use it for both. Amazing quality brush - highly recommended !!!

I was lucky to be sent this serum to test and I fell in love with it instantly. I have a very dry skin and I find any products with medical grade retinol to be just a little too harsh on my delicate skin but this one is just amazing !! Packaging isn't too great but I love the glass bottle with pipette as it makes application so much easier. I use it at night. 3-4 drops are enough to cover your whole face and neck area. It has a really lovely citrus scent which I adore. Works great under my night moisturiser and after using it for over a month now (4-5 times a week) I noticed a vast improvement in my skin. It's more radiant and clear. Great buy & I will most definitely repurchase :)

I've received a 5ml sample in one of the beauty boxes and I fell for this oil after the first application. It has a great dry oil formula and sinks in instantly. You only need couple of drops to cover the entire face and if used at night, you will wake up with radiant and moisturised skin the next morning. I also use it with a foundation in the morning. Just by adding one drop to my foundation, I get the most dewy finish as well as feeling that my foundation works as a moisturiser as well. Will I buy full size - YES !!!

That's it for my November beauty favourites ladies. Have you used any of the products I mentioned? I wonder what you think of them? Let me know in the comments section below :) I can't believe I will be doing last favourites of the year in just few weeks and YEARLY favourites soon after. Where has the time gone? 

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. Lovely picks and those Makeup Revolution brushes look so pretty.

    1. Thank you, I like them too :) MUR brushes are so gorgeous Xx

  2. I hope you're ok! Great favourites! The Makeup Revolution brushes look gorgeous! I want to try the Urban Decay concealer, everyone seems to love it! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I'm alright hun, just needed of a little boost as I'm still battling post op anaemia. These two MUR brushes are great, I'm still unsure about the rest from the series. Bristles are really soft, they work and clean up great. You need to try this concealer, although I would go & get yourself matched when you're by UD counter next :)

  3. That Nude oil is one of my favourite oils ever. I love the UD concealer & setting spray too. Those brushes look beautiful!

    Hope you are okay xx


    1. I'm all good, just random stay making sure my anaemia is treated as I still suffer from it post operation :) Thank you xx

      Yes, I do love the NUDE oil and already planning on purchasing full size :) Brushes are gorgeous plus for the price really amazing quality x x

  4. the vice looks amazing! i love their setting spray and concealer as well :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. It's been Urban Decay kind of month for me ;)


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