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Hello ladies !! Happy Thursday !! As I'm holidaying and staying up late way too much I'm a little behind on a social media front - SORRY !!! I shall be back to form from Saturday onwards :) Enough about that:) 

Today I have something special for you. URBAN DECAY VICE 4 is one of those palettes you may go by in the shop and say; meh, I prefer neutrals, and COMPLETELY MISS OUT. I did for the last 3 years... I was never a fan of colour and only recently started experimenting with colours, textures, formulas, finishes. Result? I am obsessed with it. Someone asked me recently, if I have to  choose one of the Naked palettes in my collection, which one would I go for and I said neither. I know, I know - stop gaping - I still LOVE my Naked palettes, I just think that, if you are an Urban Decay virgin - I'd go for Vice 4 any day. Here's my reasoning - You are still able to create a daytime look with it (more about it tomorrow) and you can experiment with different textures, finishes and colours unlike any !!! 

Let's start with packaging. Palette comes in the black pouch/makeup bag designed to match the palette itself. Holographic lines crossing at irregular intervals on matte black material with holographic UD logo. Vice 4 palette is a stunner in its own light. Purple/green lines again crossing at irregular intervals on black matte plastic with shiny black lines. I must be totally messing up the description and my camera definitely not giving it enough credit. Inside we will find a large mirror making it a perfect travel companion. Yes, I'm aware palette isn't really compact but with 20 shadows both matte and shimmers, neutrals to colour, it's the perfect one to take on a holiday with you. I have it with me now and loving the choice :)

Double ended brush will not be replacing any of my eyeshadow brushes but again, as with Naked Smoky it's been upgraded and I have used it today - not bad at all. Worth keeping that's for sure. One end is a duo-fibre blending brush and other end is a fluffy eyeshadow placement brush. You can also use it for in crease blending but it's rather on a small side. 

Palettes hides 20 square paned eyeshadows and I must admit, I prefer these to the Naked format. Shall we look into each single shade now? As you wish. I swatched them by the column and not the row view. So please bear with me :) 

Bonespearly sheen light beige with cooler undertones, semi-opaque pigmentation.
Framed - a matte light-medium peachy beige/orange with warm undertones, good colour payoff.
Discreeta matte muted, light-medium lavender with subtle, warm undertones, ok pigmentation.
Bittera matte muted, medium-dark brown with warm, orange-red tone, great pigmentation.great in crease, transition shade.

Grip - a faded, medium taupe with warm, brown tones and light sparkle, sheer coverage, one of the less easy-to-use shades in the palette, due to glitter fallout and slight pigmentation.
Fast-Ball - a sheen bright, medium coral pink with warm tones & micro-glitter, decent color payoff that works better applied wet or over sticky base.
Grasshoppera sheen bright, medium-dark green with emerald green sparkle. Good colour payoff.
Flame - a medium coral-orange with gold glitter and sparkles, semi-opaque pigmentation with a bit fallout if applied dry. Great with a little Duraline mixed in. Colour wise this is my favourite shade, shame about less than great pigmentation. Stunner though!!

Deadbeat - a dark, charcoal gray with ridescent teal shimmer. Good pigmentation, hardly any fallout. Little powdery so slight less blendable. Use light hand for the ease of application.
1985 - a frosted sheen bright fuchsia, good pigmentation & easy to work with. Micro-glitter doesn't translate on the lid. As 1985 is the year I was born, it's a shade I will be using over and over ;)
C-Note - a muted, smoky medium-dark green of a metallic sheen with gold sparkle finish, good pigmentation and blendable. There's a lot of fallout to be experienced so either use a very light hand or try using a slightly wet brush.
Low - a muted, dark brown with large chunks of silver glitter, semi-sheer colour. A lot of glitter fallout.

Beat Down - a pearly sheen, bright medium-dark purple with micro-glitter, good pigmentation but glitter gets lost in the brush.
Underhand - a medium-dark plum of a frosted finish, great pigmentation.
Arctic - a bright medium-dark blue/teal of a metallic finish with teal sparkle, great pigmentation. I experienced quite a bit of fallout so I recommend application wet for less fallout and increased pigmentation.
Crowbar - an olive green with gold glitter over a metallic finish, good pigmentation, but a lot of fall out when applied.

Pandemonium - a frosted sheen, blackened plum with pink sparkle. Lots of glitter fall out during application, ok pigmentation.
Harlot - a sheen pale lavender, nice pigmentation. Looks silvery on the lid.
Robbery - a muted warm, dark taupe brown, great pigmentation. Sheen finish with micro glitter.
Delete - a matte, dark brown/red, great colour payoff.

This isn't the best and easiest palette you can work with. As there's quite a bit of shades where fallout is a norm, it's better to do your eye makeup first. If you're inexperienced, cleaning up may be a b**** ;) Pigmentation of most shades is really good and shades are really unique. I am totally in love with quite a few and have been using this palette since Monday. I found myself suddenly inspired when doing my daytime and evening makeup. Wear time is great given a good base is used. I swap in between MAC Painterly and UD Primer.

*I have a little surprise waiting for you tomorrow... Great collaboration coming up :) Two posts... Two looks using Vice 4. Daytime from me... Evening from...??? I hope you love it as much as I do <3 *

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Dorota x

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  1. Excited for the collaboration! Who will it be?? :) I agree with you, last year I still didn't have any UD palettes and was thinking which Naked palette to get but non of them excited me enough to spend £38 till I saw the Vice 3 and I was like 'YES, that's it' and I fall in love with palette so it was no brainer I will get Vice 4 :) Since last year I got the Naked 1 which I think is the best out of the 4 but I still hardly ever use it. Great review! xx

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I'm super excited for tomorrow :) And this palette has served me well for both daytime and evening this week. I am away and it's the only palette I took... Well eyeshadow wise ;) I agreed with your opinion about the quality, it's great but definitely not the easiest I worked with. Shades though... I mean Flame is just incredible. I can see myself hitting a pan of this one, which happens so rarely lol

  2. The palette looks so pretty! Wish the pictures were bigger though <3


    1. It's super pretty :) Not sure what you mean about the size of pictures, if you click on them they go full screen :) thanks for your comment love x

  3. Ohh it's so beautiful! The package is gorgeous! I'm a neutral girl but I always liked the Vice palettes! xx

  4. Replies
    1. It truly is :) highly recommended for the colour scheme :)

  5. Wow, this looks beautiful! The colours are so bold, not sure I'd pull it off haha!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. I never used to like bold colours but you can do a daytime look with it - check my new post where I show how easily you can create a daytime look with some cheeky colour mixed in x

  6. The pigmentation of these shadows looks amazing! Great post!

    xo, Liz

    1. Thanks Liz :) Yes, most of them is very pigmented and thankfully micro glitter doesn't show.

  7. Great review! I'm not really attracted to this one though, whenever I wanto to experiment with bright colors, my UD Electric has got me covered! ;)

    1. I love UD Electric. Pressed pigments will always have better pigmentation and what an incredible value for money x

  8. The pigmentation looks insane! Looking forward to tomorrow's post (I'm guessing it will be with Dagmara!) xx


    1. Hahaha well done on the guessing :) Yes, post is up now and it is with the one and only Mummy's Beauty Corner :)

  9. Oh, this palette is my dream! I absolutely love Urban Decay and I always choose the brigtest palettes with unusual colors. This one is so versatile, it has lots of neutral hues (my fave ones) and also very bright and special shadows... May be I'd use them everywhere. After your post I want to buy this chic collecttion of eyeshadows!

    1. If I could recommend one I would recommend this one and not for the ease of application or anything else but for how magical colour scheme is !

  10. Great review! Love the finger swatches, such pigmented, buttery looking shades. I love the jewel-tone quality of the brights. Eager to see what u do with it!

    1. Thank you Allison :) New post is up with my daytime look in collaboration with Mummy's Beauty Corner :) -->

  11. i absolutely adore the shades in this palette..beautiful! & that packaging is amazing...speaks for itself really! :D
    Jess x ||


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