Sunday, 22 November 2015

HOOKED ON LUSH - my not so anonymous story of fighting bath addiction

Hello Sunday !! What a day !! Woke up at 6 am and started writing up some posts. Around 9am I realised, I haven't got one for today. Decided it's too stressful and took a bath... It then came to me - My Name Is Dorota and I'm Addicted To Lush... Yep sounds about right to every guy who ever dated me and got stood up because I was still having a bath 2 hours after our dates were supposed to start... And to every time I looked at my bank statement and saw multiple Lush visits... You think there are naked men working behind those counters lol

Ok I decided I was being way too serious talking about myself as a makeup junkie. Well I am that... And then there's a little skincare obsession. My inability to ever use a whole body lotion. My paranoia that one day Urban Decay stops making Naked palettes. The whole 1 million plus lipsticks obsession. And then there are baths... I mean, if you don't like the good old bath - don't speak to me ever again - WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS !!! lol

I discovered Lush couple of years ago and what a love story that is. It's the best bloody relationship I was ever in. Recently I was told "no one will be able to stand you for the rest of your life", well Mr "frog" you, Lush will. Lush and me go a way back and I can't see us breaking up anytime soon:)

I recently went out and met up with a fellow blogger friend of mine Iza (check her out at Makeup with Bella & her Instagram). We went for a lovely, wine fuelled dinner, then "little" shopping trip in the Bullring. Our last stop was Lush. And Lush did we do it right :) 

Here's my mini haul ladies :) I only got few bits this time. I recently am obsessed with Lush bubble bars more than I am with bombs !!! I know !!!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (RPR £2.95) - pink bath and bubbles here I come. It smells divine, it's vegan and fair-trade !!! 

Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar (RPR £3.65) - Psychedelic bubbles are definitely my thing. Mixture of cool colours and the amazing smell of ginger, pepper and lemon creates an unique experience. Plus the name !! Love it !!!

Butterbear Bath Bomb (RPR £1.95) - Vanilla Scented creamy cocoa butter bath bomb - you just know it'll be an experience :) it's the first one from the Christmas range I purchased and I'm planning on going back for many many more :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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