Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My lip care routine feat. Lush & EOS.

Hello my beauties. We started new week now and I'm coming to you with another weather update... Ha I'm kidding of course, but as I've been living in UK for so long, weather is a first thing that comes to mind, as we are used to moaning about it. Well, it's bloody cold now. 5 degrees Celsius is somewhat unacceptable, don't you think? :( 

So what happens to me in autumn? I'm back to loving matte lips again and weather getting chilly, meaning my lips suffer A LOT ! So if you are like me and suffer from generally dry lips anyway, THIS POST IS FOR YOU. 

I recently suffered from a nasty week long cold. You know the drill, it comes out of nowhere, knocks you dead and leaves you dehydrated. My lips suffered a lot, at some point they were sort of breaking in places. It wasn't nice, in fact it hurt like a B**** !

I took it upon myself to update my lip care routine as chapstick wasn't doing anything to help with the situation. I went in to town and decided to browse around in Selfridges. I came upon EOS stand. Yes, we can get EOS stationary in UK now (HAPPY DAYS!!!). After a long deliberation (I swear I must have smelled each single one on display) I picked up the cutes EOS lip balm egg in a light mint colour and it smells and tastes of a gorgeous Sweet Mint. Having read mixed reviews, some saying it's their favourite, some that it barely does anything for them, I thought to myself, it's best to pick up a brand new can of Carmex, just in case. Unfortunately both Boots and Superdrug haven't had any in stock so I left with my egg :)

On the way back to the train station, I stopped by Lush. As a general bath addict, I always stop by to pick up something new or something I already love. I love the store. Shop assistants are amazing and they're always so helpful. I was having a little chat with a lady in store and she recommended their lip scrubs. I have mixed feelings towards lip scrubs. I have one, I received in Glossybox ages ago and it does nothing to my lips. Having tried both Popcorn and Bubblegum, I decided to pick up the latter as I just love how sweet it tastes :)

When I got home I went for it as soon as I was able to get in and wash my hands lol. I started with the scrub. 2 minutes of scrubbing left my already sore lips red and swollen but also a lot softer, with 80% of dry skin gone (Hooray !!). I then applied EOS. I must say I've been applying it none stop as it just tastes oh so good :) Not only have my lips been brilliant after 3 days of daily scrubbing and non stop EOS application but also appear fuller and have more colour in them :)

I didn't take before and after pics for you as believe me my lips looked disgusting !! You have to believe my word for it. I am so happy with my new routine. I have to admit I got so used to scrubbing my lips I now added it to my daily evening routine. They say you supposed to do it twice a week but I have not experienced any discomfort doing it daily and my dry, horrible lips never looked better. 

Lipstick application is a bliss in the morning. As EOS have a little drier formula it's perfect for prepping your lips before lipstick application as it sinks in quicker :) If you prefer your lips to be coated with it, go for it. Few more coats and you're there :) 

What's your favourite lip care products? Do you care for your lips daily? What's your routine? I'm pretty pleased with mine at the moment and I know I'll be picking up another EOS Egg once this one is gone. Same goes for Lush lip scrub, although I may try Popcorn next :)

You can buy EOS here for £6.50
You can purchase Lush Lip Scrubs here for £5.50

Thank you for reading

Dorota x

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