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I ♥ makeup. My September beauty favourites.

Hello my beauties. It's already October which means Halloween is just around the corner (enter excited emoji) & I'm asking myself: Where has the time gone? I'm pretty sure I slept through the summer... Ha ha what summer, you're living in UK lady, sort yourself out ;)

September saw me back to working more hours which also meant less time. I had to take a little break from blogging to organise myself a little better. I'm still working from home but I think in the upcoming weeks I will be back to work full time in the office. Anyway, I took some time to figure out how to manage my life a little better, to ensure I have time for work, blog, friends and family. I hope I did just that and I am now a proud owner of a huge organiser which means my posts are now being pre-planned. My vanity has also undergone a little refurb. Close to me I have bits I'm currently testing for you etc. I'm pretty pleased with myself and my little organisational skills :)

Today I'm coming to you with my September beauty favourites. Some bits I recently re-discovered on my hunt to empty as many makeup items as I possibly can. Some are fairly new to me and I'm loving them already :)

Without further blah blah, here we go :)

As I mentioned, I am currently on a hunt to use up some of my products and this way of thinking brought me back to my first favourite of the month. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is already a cult product in a blogosphere. It has it's lovers and haters but I most definitely belong in the first category. I really like the brightening formula and I feel like it suits my dry skin very well. It eon't showcase my dry skin but it also gives it a glow it needs on those gloomy autumn days. It doesn't sit in mini wrinkles that I have and I really like the awaken effect that it gives me :)

To continue on a base front, I come to you with my second favourite this month - Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is a fairly new discovery.. i had it for a while now but have been using it mainly for bronzer. On one "happy" day where I discovered all my face brushes to be dirty and to lazy to wash them I took Sculpting Brush for a bit of action. It's amazing. I have a love-hate relationship with RT brushes when it comes to foundation as they tend to streak it for me but this one. I use it mainly in a stippling motion which i find is best for Rimmel's foundation as well. These two work great together.

If I'm shouting out brushes, I can't forget about my absolute favourite bronzer brush of the year (yes year !!!) Glam Brush T9 is a godsend !! It's oval, it's small, it works beautifully to contour my cheeks. I haven't used any other brush for countering since I discovered this one !! It's not exspensive, more of a medium range and works perfectly. It washes well too which is a huge plus. It doesn't shed on me either. Shaaaamazing!!!

To end the base/brush topic I'm bringing you something I bought couple of months ago now and it completely changed the way I look at cleaning my brushes. I am used to washing them once a week but now for my face and eye brushes that I use with powder products I use this Primark P.S. Love This Make-Up Brush Cleanser spray. One spray and a little brush action against a tissue and my brushes are sparkling clean. It doesn't work so well for highly pigmented products (it's not MAC) but for my day to day needs it is a great find ! At £2 a bottle it's a complete steal :)

My eye makeup of the month consisted of only a basic products. I mainly used two single eyeshadows and I was perfectly happy with this minimalistic approach (like I said more work and less motivation to get out of bed early lol). Firstly it's Wild About Beauty mono eyeshadow in 06 Alana which is a gorgeous semi matte/satin medium ashy brown. It's a gorgoeus all over shade if you like a smokey eye for daytime (which I LOOOOOVE), or you can use it only to darken the outer corners. It's a great shade, it works nicely, it's bendable and it stays on pretty well. It's a little expensive on a mono eyeshadow front but I got it as part of one of Latest in Beauty boxes and fell in love with it instantly. it's been a staple in my collection for few months now. Second is a mono eyeshadow on an opposite side of the price range. Freedom Mono Eyeshadow in Base 204 it's a perfect matte beige. It's fairly pigmented and it will work as a setting shadow for your eye primer as well as an all over shade, or even to highlight inner corners and brow bone. It's very versatile and at £1 per pot, you can't really go wrong.

I am blessed with great friends that I met on my beauty journey. One of them I met on Instagram and we instantly hit it off as we're both obsessed with makeup. We swap makeup too (I buy stuff for her in UK and she does that back in Poland and we send it to each other) and during the latest swap I was super excited to receive new Ingot Brow Pomade in number 12. It turned out to be a perfect match colour wise. As you probably know I rarely cheat on my Color Tattoo in Permeant Taupe but this has been a revolution. It's super pigmented so little (and I mean LITTLE) goes a long way. It's super easy to fill in your brows but it also lasts so well. It holds your brows in place too. Amazing. True love from a first sight. It's not the cheapest if you consider how little product you're getting but I actually like that. I can't be the only one to think that most products come in way to big of a sizes right? How would we ever use it all up?

Lastly it's a lip product. It doesn't come as surprise that MAC Rebel is an autumn/winter staple for most and I have to agree. The shade is beautiful, it works well on most skin tones and because of it's cool tone it whitens your teeth as well. I've done a review as well as found an inexpensive dupe and you can read all about it here. I have to be honest and admit that I sometimes wear it even if I'm not going out at all, just to catch a glimpse of it in the mirror if I'm going to make myself some tea ;)

That's it for September's favourites. I'd like to know what have you been loving this month :)

Thank you for being & I'll see you next time :)

Dorota x

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  1. Glad to see you back :) I'm also loving the Inglot Brow Pomade, I always thought pomades are difficult to work with but it's actually the opposite. I need to try using the sculpting RT brush for my foundation as it's currently sitting un-loved :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Hi Dagmara, I'm glad to be back too. As I'm back to working full time (still from home but only for next few weeks) I needed a time to organise my time a little better and I think I finally know what to do to have time for everything :) I am not a huge lover of RT brushes for foundation as for me they smudge and streak but this one isn't bad especially when used for stifling in the foundation :) It does need to be clean with every use though but I guess you should do that anyway with brushes used for liquid :) Ingot Pomade is a revelation for me. I used Color Tattoo forever now and I like it but number 12 from Ingot suits me so well and it's just a pleasure to work with :)

  2. Dorotko, a czy podkład z Rimmel dobrze kryje i nie zapycha porów? W czasie ciąży moja skóra bardzo sie zmieniła i żaden makeup nie wyglada na niej dobrze ;( jest zaczerwieniona i sucha w okolicy T, z duża ilością wyprysków na brodzie, a rozszerzone pory sa moja zmora odkąd pamiętam ;( masz na to jakiś sposób? Jakie pokrycie mogłabyś mi polecić? Dziękuje.

    1. Hej :) Ja osobiscie zmagam się z suchościa w strefie T. Ja używam serum plus mocno nawilzajacy krem, na to baza nawilzajaca z Laura Mercier a na to dopiero podklad (polecam stemplowac) Co do dobrej bazy (male krycie ale jest niesamowicie nawilzajacy ) to Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (krem koloryzujacy) ja mieszam go z L'Oreal Infalible Matte jesli potrzebuje wiekszego krycia i zamiast pudry setting spray z Urban Decay. Ten podklad tez jest wg mnie bardzo dobry ale nakladaj go gabeczka albo zbitym pedzlem stemplujac zamiast rozcierajac. Ja zmagam sie z zaczerwieniami i wielkimi porami szczegolnie na policzkach kolo nosa. Teraz jestem w trakcie testowania nowego podkladu Charlote Tilbury wiec recenzja za kilka tygodni :) Jesli szukasz podkladow, bazy idz do drogeri i popros o probki, ja juz inaczej nie kupuje bo moja cera jest tragiczna z niektorymi podkladami. Ogolnie w mojej opinii Rimmel czasem zapycha ale z kolei L'Oreal maja dosc dobre bazy :)

    2. Dzięki wielkie! W wolnej chwili przejdę się i popytam, bo już nie wiem, co robić! Pozdrawiam ;)

    3. Mam nadzieję, że uda Ci się znaleźć coś dobrego dla twojej buzi x daj znać jak poszukiwania a już niedługo na blogu recenzja Complexion Rescue z BM więc będziesz mogła zobaczyć jak to wygląda - aż sama się boję swojej buzi pokazać kompletnie bez niczego ;)

  3. Replies
    1. It's great to warm up the complexion or for contouring as it's small enough to fit perfectly for that chiseled look :)

  4. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Rimmel. For example, their BB cream is just too drying for my parched skin, but I have been meaning to try the Wake-me-up foundation for a it OK for super dry skin? (UK Weather AND a redhead!)

    1. I have a dry skin with dry patches. I always prep my skin with serum, moisturiser & Laura Mercier base. Then I stipple the foundation using a wet sponge or a brush. I never apply with fingers. Afterwards I spray it with Urban Decay moisturising setting spray. Setting spray is a must for our beautiful weather here in UK ;)


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