Thursday, 10 September 2015

Unbox with me: Birchbox September 2015

Hello ladies. I'm writing this up on a sunny Sunday, but you will be reading this on a Thursday. And it's sunny. In UK!! Yes, you read that right. I'm in my garden enjoying the rays. I had a lovely weekend, attended an awesome birthday party so I'm feeling a little under the weather (Hangover is a bitch lol). Blog has to go on, so I sat down to write up few posts :)

Happy Thursday to you all. Weekend is nearly upon us. We're also nearly in the middle of September. How and when has this year gone? I just had my Birchbox delivered and it's a funny one this month. I had nothing, but praise for all my boxes ,so far but this one gets a meh from me. 

Starting with packaging. I'm a boxoholic. I love collecting boxes, as they make a great storage. This month I was less than pleased with the design - just meh and the fact my box was broken. Straight to the bin it went. I don't know, if it was broken during a delivery, or the packaging process, but it left me less than impressed. Not much work went in to the design either. Considering it's a Birchbox birthday, I expected a bit more, I guess. 

As per usual beauty treats came packaged in a little linen bag, which I find lovely. I keep these for travel. I really, really like that about Birchbox. Inside you'll find 6 beauty samples, promising us to shake up our beauty regime, American style. 

I'll start with my favourites. I love Laura Mercier. I currently use the foundation primer and I'm in love with the formula. Separate review coming soon. So I was pleasantly surprised to find a sample of Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish. As samples go this one is on a medium size scale, being 11.3 g (what's wrong with ml, that's all I'm asking lol). It smells really lovely and peeling isn't too rough so it should be lovely to use. I'll definitely give this a go and report back :) Full size product will set you back by £26.

I wanted to try Benefit POREfessional Licence To Blot for a while now. I don't mind a little glow on my T-Zone but I'll definitely would like to try this out. It's a small yet usable sample. It's an instant oil-bloating stick which can be used as a primer or on top of makeup. Because it's in a stick form, I'm not sure how hygienic it will be to use on top of makeup. I'm more used to bloating papers in that way but I'll give it a go, as I've read a lot of positive reviews on countless blogs already. Full size product is £15.50 and available on Benefits counters.

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I recently updated my colour and added a lot more blond to it, ombre style. My hair is naturally curly and it tangles easily. I use Tangle Teezer and it makes it easier to detangle but I sometimes need a detangling spray as well. This month I get to try John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler. It's ingredients list is actually impressive and a lot is certified organic. It's also a good size sample - 30ml. It smells of citrus fruits, which I love, and I hope it won't be weighting my hair down, as it's of a cream consistency. Full size RPR is £16.

This is where things go a little south for me. To continue with hair regime, beauty bonus this month is The Birchbrush RPR 5.99. It's obviously a dupe for Tangle Teezer, so I was really happy to see a brush in a box. That is until I tried to actually brush my hair with it... Hmmm... Its bristles are harder and less flexible than Tangle Teezer and it ended up breaking my hair. Not impressed at all. I passed it on to my mum who has short hair and says it's not bad for her.

Meh product of the month is Beauty Protector Body Wash. I like the packaging (pink on white). I love the smell. What makes t meh is a sample size. It will last you for a wash or two, which isn't great. For that reason alone it only gets a meh. It lands in my future travel box, where it awaits its use :) Full size RPR £8.

Lastly the product I should have loved but unfortunately hate. I love makeup, so it's very disappointing, that one actual makeup sample this month, I end up hating. Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip in Cray-Cray is not a cheap product as full size RPR is £17. I love lip pencils normally. I also love soft matte finishes. I don't love the colour as orange peach does not look good on me. But the formula is, what I hate about it. It goes on patchy. It clings on to all your dry skin. The finished look is just horrible. It swatches nicely, colour is vibrant and pigmented ,so what went wrong here? It's a total no from me, I'm afraid.

This month's Birchbox didn't wow me. The mixture of products is ok but with the lip pencil being so horrible, body wash sample so small and hair brush unusable, the rest of samples don't stand a chance to completely wow me. I'm glad to find Benefit in the mix as well as trying out a new detangling product. Even Laura Mercier, which I adore as a brand, is only a face scrub. I would rather see a makeup sample here.

What do you think my lovelies? Has this month's box impressed you or have you had mixed feeling as I have? Let me know in the comments below which product would get your vote :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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