Thursday, 17 September 2015

Rebellion against the cold. Finding a dupe for MAC's Rebel featuring Makeup Revolution.

Good morning my beauties. Thank god it's Thursday. Weather prognosis for today is 16 degrees Celsius with over 50% rain. Hi, Autumn, I like you better when you're golden and sunny. I have a busy day ahead with some meetings and a little shopping treat. I'm pausing my spending ban to treat myself to few newbies :)

In my last post, I created my first autumn look with deep shading on the eye and MAC Rebel on the lip. Few of you messaged me asking if there's a dupe for Rebel and today, I'm not coming empty handed :) Not only have I found you a dupe, but I found you one that everyone can afford :) There are few differences of course but the colour of these two is identical. Stay with me to find out more.

There's a saying in blogosphere. Once you go MAC, you never go back. There's something there, I have to admit. I may not be the biggest fan of the brand. I don't get on too well with their base products for example, but when it comes to lipsticks, I am a big fan. Firstly the packaging. If you've ever owned any, you'll know what I'm talking about. Famous bullet form looks great on your vanity and in your makeup bag, it closes with characteristic soft click. It screams MAC through and through. There's so many different formulas to choose from. I have a soft spot for matte finishes but I also enjoy their satin and cream sheen finishes. Mattes are definitely more long lasting to any others but may not sit as comfortably on a lip as satin for example. All lipsticks have incredible pigmentation and last well on the lip. 

Makeup Revolution launched in March 2014. Brought to us by a visionary Adam Minto and his team, it truly revolutionised the way we look at makeup. I'm a huge fan. I think their stuff is affordable and of a great quality. I have a galore of palettes, lipsticks and other bits to prove it. What I love about the company is their strong social media presence and recognition they give to the bloggers and customers. They are now famous to produce dupes for their more expensive counter products. First line of lipsticks premiered at £1 per pot and featured some incredible dupes for many MAC lipsticks. Given, the formula isn't the same and it goes without the sweet smell of a MAC, but colours are incredible and their pigmentation good. The only slight minus would be the packaging, which is where company saves the money to bring to you an incredible product at surprisingly low price. This is not a fake makeup from Ebay. They do not test on animals and I have never had a problem with allergies or anything like that (I'm prone to allergies, which is a good way of telling if the bits I'm using are truly hypoallergenic).

Today I'm bringing you two lipstick that are identical to each other in colour. MAC Rebel and Makeup Revolution Rebel With Cause are perfect for the autumn time. This is a deep purple which suits any complexion in my non professional opinion. I'm very pale and I just love these shades for autumn.

MAC Rebel is famous in a blogging world. It's the shade we all switch to for fall and winter season. It will suit any complexion but it does look beautifully on a pale skin. It brings out the colour of my pale blue/grey eyes and it's my must have for this time of year. It's colour makes your teeth appear whiter and sits comfortably on a lip as it's a satin finish. It lasts well too and fades evenly leaving your lips with a nice stain of colour. Formula is cream and goes on evenly on the lip. It doesn't bleed out as it's creamy but not too creamy when applied. Ok, it may not make sense to you but there's something there :)

MUR Rebel with Cause is a must have from the brand. Created as a perfect dupe for MAC's Rebel, it lives up to the name. No point discussing the shade as it's identical to Rebel. It needs an extra layer to ensure colour is of the same intensity. Staying power isn't great but it does stain your lips and shades out pretty evenly. Formula is definitely creamier than MAC's. I would strongly advise using the lipliner with this one, because it's so creamy it may bleed out just a tad. Colour goes evenly on a lip and with an extra layer you'll get the same intensity that of Rebel.  When swatched two of them look identical. There's a slight difference on a lip though as the finish is a little bit different.

I swatched them both for you so you can compare both hand and lip swatches here:

From the top: Rebel with Cause, Rebel
MUR Rebel with Cause - natural light, no flash
MAC Rebel - natural light, no flash
Is MAC Rebel worth it's price given you can get its identical counterpart for a friction of the price? If you are as makeup obsessed as me, yes, it's worth it. However given how well made is Rebel with Cause I'd say, if you're not sure about the statement lip go with MUR. It costs only a £1 so if you're on a budget and looking to update your makeup bag with something little different, there's really no question which one you should go for. I am however a lipstick hoarder and I'm glad to have both of them in my collection. I love finding a perfect dupe and here's the amazing example of it. 

You can buy MUR's Rebel with Cause here and stationary in Superdrug as well as online.

For MAC Cosmetics Rebel click here but you can also get it in both Selfridges and Debenhams stationary and online.

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. Rebel is a gorgeous shade for Autumn and the MUR offering is a perfect dupe! I have a Rimmel lipstick which looks very similar to Rebel as well :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Yes, I have heard about Rimmel too :) I have a love for all things dupe though and I'm glad I have both in my collection x

  2. I've been obsessing with Mac's Rebel its so gorgeous! But thats seriously such a great dupe!

    1. It's definitely a beautiful shade and so perfect for the upcoming months :)

  3. It's good that some companies are making quality makeup anyone can afford. I have MAC Rebel and am happy with it, but thank you for sharing this!

    1. I just can't believe how similar these two can be :) I love Rebel, it's one of those shades I just can't get enough when weather outside is starting to get gloomy and the temperature drops :)


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