Saturday, 5 September 2015

I ♥ makeup. My August beauty favourites.

The time has come to choose the beauty treats I've been enjoying this past month. I love August. August it's my birthday month and birthday means a lot of quality time spent with friends and family. I recently took a blogging/social media week long break and guess what? I loved it. I missed my online family of course but it was great to spend some time with people who love me :)

Back to beauty favourites. August has been definitely a defining month. As I embarked on first successful month on spending ban I had a chance to rediscover my existing favourites, as well as falling in love with new treats I haven't had a chance to properly test before.

Let's start with makeup. Makeup is something that made me fall in love with beauty. First came makeup then skincare and the awareness of what I use on a daily basic. But it all began with makeup :)

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue was my Latest in Beauty discovery (review of Heart Beauty Essentials here). We got to try sample of this tinted moisturiser and even though colour wasn't my match, I fell in love instantly with the formula so when Look Fantastic was having -20% sale I took a plunge and ordered full size. I chose the lightest shade praying it will be light enough and hallelujah but Opal turned out to be a perfect match (THANK YOU ONLINE SHOPPING GODS). I must say, it's been a while since I enjoyed tinted moisturiser so much. I'm normally all for coverage but recently I just don't need it as much. It gives some coverage, I apply it with fingers (I know, I shocked myself, believe me!!!!), it feels like a moisturising cream and looks flawlessly nearly all day (if set with a little powder). So if you all about that glow. Go for it. Available here for £26.00.

Talking about powder. This little gem won't break the bank as it's only £4.00 and already my favourite. MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Correcting Powder is something else entirely. So if it's glory finish you're after and can't afford Hourglass powders go for this one. It's available in your local Superdrug and at less that £5 it's a steal. Formula is great, it's very finely milled. You can't go wrong. And I just did a full on review so if you'd like to know more just click here. You can buy it here if you've been on a look out for that perfect setting powder that won't break the bank.

Urban Decay Naked 3 was a palette of choice for the month of August. I must say, it's been a while since I last used it and it was a pleasure to re-discover it and to remind myself why I fell in love with it in the first place. I did few looks using this palette. Check them out (look 1, look 2, look 3). So if you're on a lookout for a good rose toned palette, look no further. Available here for £38.00.

I was pleasantly surprised by the next favourite of August. It was mascara and believe me I didn't think I'm going to like it. I judged the book by its cover or mascara by its brush ;) But I must say, I adore this one. Clinique High Impact Mascara is an incredible buy. It just works. I even did a whole review on it (here) and believe me when I say, it was unexpected. Mascara is a very personal choice yet when I posted to brag about it on Instagram many of you told me it's been your favourite too :)

Last makeup item had to be a lip product. As a lipstick hoarder I can't go without my statement lip. This month my most worn shade and product was a Bourjois already iconic item. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise is something i'll never attempt to pronounce. It's a gorgeous shade, it lasts incredibly well and it's my most loved shade of the month. You heard it everywhere, read about it on countless blogs and for a good reason. Does it dry out your lips. Of course. It's matte and long-lasting. So make sure you do not skip a balm before application and a lot of love in the evening and you'll be fine. So dinner, drinks and maybe a kiss or two - It'll stay on, it's that good. Available here for £8.99.

I have one skincare favourite this month and it's something I've been testing for a while now. Glamglow Youth Mud Face Mask is a pricey item. However let me tell you a little story. I remember the time when I used it first. I applied it and few seconds later I was terrified. It tingled on my face, making me feel paranoid that I must be allergic or something. Good thing I soldiered through as after 10 minutes on I washed it off and looked in the mirror. There's this one wrinkle that I hate on my forehead. One use. 10 minutes and it was gone. Ok, it's not a deep wrinkle, I'm only 30 (enter crying emoticon here) but I swear to god, it was gone. The effect lasted for good few days as well. Now I use it once weekly on my spa nights :). It's an intense mask and it brings instant results. Is it worth £49.99? I'd say so as I'm already planning to repurchase. Available here.

Lastly it's a budget item. It's also widely available. I love my bath time. I must have mentioned it many times but I'm a definitely a bath person. Sure showers are nice but a good bath... Ah LOVE IT. I always use a bath bubble and I love when it smells lovely. I also love chocolate. I can't eat it too much (flat tummy deserves a sacrifice) but just imagine going in to a bathtub with whole bathroom smelling of cocoa. Dream right? For less than £4, you can realise that dream. Avon's Planet SPA Chocolate Bath Elixir is something everyone should try at least once. It's my heaven, my nirvana. Exaggerating much? Of course. I am a bath person for a reason ;) lol.

I hope you enjoyed the roundup of my monthly favourites. Looking forward to discovering yours. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you've been loving this month :)

Thanks for reading.

Dorota x

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