Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Unbox with me: Birchbox August 2015 #beautyjunkie

Good morning my lovelies :) I have another "Unbox with me" for you today featuring hashtags, emojis and makeup. Yes you heard that right. All that's great in the social media world comes together in August edition of Birchbox. 

I have to admit Birchbox has impressed me so far. This is a 3rd box for me and I loved them all for totally different reasons. If you'd like to check out my previous posts I'll link them here for June & here for July :)

Ok beauty junkies, let's take this show on a road. 

Packaging - Do you like emojis? Of course you do. The whole world speaks emoji and so does Birchbox. It's light, it's tiny and it's covered in makeup and cocktail related emojis. I love it. It's getting a proud place in my "keep this box" collection.

Inside you will find Birchbox card/newsletter as well as lifestyle bonus - EMOJI STICKERS :) Yes, I got a tad excited. These will end up prettifying my newly purchased James & Friends notepad from Jim Champan :). Beauty treats are hidden inside a cotton (I assume) bag which is pretty and I like it. It'll end up in my drawers as I won't have a use of it but hey, I like the idea ok? ;)

Beauty treats for beauty junkies. Yes this box is filled with awesomeness. There are two makeup bits that I'm super excited for, plus skin, body and haircare products as well. 

Without a further ado here you go:

Rituals Fortune Scrub (Sweet Orange & Cedar) 70 ml sample is quite generous and it smells amazing !! So sweet. I love Rituals so I'm super duper excited to have found this in my box. Well done Birch team :) Full size product RPR £10.

Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo 50 ml sample again isn't bad in size. This is a product you're supposed to use bi monthly to help you with residue left after styling products etc so this can last you a long time. Great addition to the box. Full size product is £13.95.

Huygens Exfoliating Cream 10 ml sample is the smallest of them all. This face scrub is supposed to be gentle enough for a daily use and i'm excited to give it a go. Exfoliation is a must for healthy looking skin so good face scrub is always a great add on. Full size product RPR £17.90.

Extra Beauty bonus this month is a hair accessory and I must admit the most expensive hair bubble I've ever gotten lol. Grab & Go Ponytail Holder is £11.50. Ok it does the job and it's easy on the hair but £11.50? A little too posh if you ask me ;)

Lord & Berry Blush in Lotus. This is a sample size and a z palette add on as it comes with no packaging. It's a lovely deep shade that's quite versatile. I will try it for my cheeks of course but I'm also looking forward to using it as an eyeshadow :) Full size RPR £17. 

Lastly and in no means least comes a sample sized new bronzer from The Balm. I'm a huge fan of their Bahama Mama and have been eyeing Desert Bronzer for a while now. So cool I get to have it and test it. Also isn't the packaging just the cutest? I love The Balm packaging :) This is not a matte bronzer. It will give you a subtle glow as it's a satin finish. Nevertheless it's a gorgeous shade. One small inconvenience is the actual size of the sample as it's harder to get on a brush but I'll make due. It's super pretty :) Full size RPR £15.

From left: The Balm Desert Bronzer & Lord&Berry Blush in Lotus
From top: The Balm Desert Bronzer & Lord&Berry Blush in Lotus
That will be all for the August #BEAUTYJUNKIE edition. I really love it this month. My favourites being The Balm Desert Bronzer and Rituals Fortune Scrub. I'm still laughing out loud at the price of the hair bubble but hey, who am I to judge? It's been another great box from Birchbox and I'm already looking forward to what next month's going to bring. It's been truly a beauty junkie edition as the products included, hit all the right spots for every beauty addict out there. They are new on the market and that's the whole point of beauty boxes in my opinion, to be able to try something brand new, just hitting the market.

You can get your August box here.

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. a z czego ta gumka? moze wysadzana diamentami? :)

    1. Ha ha ta gumka wyglada jak stare gunki ktore nosilam w podstawowce... teraz juz prszeciez takiej masywnej nie zaloze :) No i ta nazwa.... Przesada w kazdym calu !!!

  2. blushe akurat na zbliżającą się jesień :) fajne pudelko, a recenzja jak zwykle treściwa <3

    1. Ten blush jest naprawde fajny ale tez bardzo napigmentowany wiec trzeba z nim delikatnie ale masz racje, kolorystyka juz jesienna. Co do bronzera, typowo leni bo satynowy ale wyglada przepieknie :)

  3. It looks like a great selection of products :) And how cute is the little bronzer! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. It really is a great selection. I am so happy with the bronzer as well, first time I ever tested something of the box so quickly :) can't stop using it now. I use it before I start the contouring to bronze up my complexion :) and the blusher I'm leaving for a bit but it's definitely perfect for autumn :) and Rituals and Kebelo Shampoo are lovely add ons too. Just that hair bubble. Little expensive and the way it looks I can only wear it in bathroom taking off my makeup or having a mask lol ;)

  4. this bronzer looks interesting, but need use what i've got ;p

    1. It's gorgeous buy only for summer in my opinion. As it's satin finish :)


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