Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Weekday me - what's in my makeup bag #1

I love makeup. I find that lately I've been testing a lot of new makeup bits and accessories so I thought I will take you on my journey. From now on, I will be posting "Weekday me - what's in my makeup bag" weekly or bi-weekly depending how often I decide to switch it up :) I hope you will enjoy rummaging through my weekly makeup bag, please let me know in the comments below, if it's something you'd like to see :)

I have been testing a few new bits recently and some caught my attention more than others. To make sure I'm able to give you my honest review I continue to use them daily. I put it all in my pink makeup bag I received with recent Birchbox :) I really like it as I can see what I have quickly as it's translucent :)

Recently I received a few new brushes from Poland. They called GlamBrush and I have been testing them non stop to make sure my review is as comprehensive as possible. I am very partial to these three shown as I now use a lot of cream products for my base without caking it up with powder so duo fibres are the must. Larger (T1) I've been using to apply my Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation in shade 010 Ivoire. I've been cheating on my RT Complexion Sponge with this brush and I'm really pleased so far :) I'm still trying to make my mind up about this foundation. It needs more testing so I can give you a full on review in the upcoming weeks. To give myself a little colour I've been LOVING Bourjois Aqua Blush in 03 Pink Twice. I'm not normally one for such little pigmentation but I adore the finish it gives my cheeks and I've been using it a lot lately. To apply I use my smaller duo fiber (T6) and it's working well for me. I've only just started testing these out so I'll save my opinion for later. That's really it for my base. As I'm not working at the moment I don't find my dark circles to be too bad and Maybelline's foundation is covering them so I find I'm not using concealer :) I don't set anything up with the powder either. I find it to be too cakey for hot summer days and I've been preferring more natural, dewy look

On my eyes I have been loving a new eyeshadow. And it's not a palette which is very unusual for me :) I got this Wild About Beauty eyeshadow in 06 Alana in one of my Latest in Beauty boxes and I have to admit, I've been wearing it non stop. It gives a semi matte finish on my eyes and it's just the prettiest brown. In the pot it looks like it has some shimmer to it but on my eyes it looks semi matte which is the finish I prefer. I've been using it in a dome shape on my eyelids which compliment hooded eyes and finishing it with a crease colour and some matte highlight in my inner eyes. I apply and blend my eyeshadow with GlamBrush O3 which I think is a little dupe for MAC 217. I find it less harsh than MAC and it blends beautifully. I then finish my eyes with Maybelline's The Falsies Volume Express in Black Drama which I've been using up. I find that as with most Maybelline's mascara I love them best after roughly 2 months from opening first. This mascara gives me nice full lashes, which I love, without clumping them. I brush a little of I Tint My Brows from Makeup Revolution through my brows to give them a fuller look that will last forever. Seriously, it's even hard to get off with my trusty Micellar Water in the evening :) I use mine in the shade Fairest as I find this is the coolest shade, very ashy. It's also quite light which gives me a very natural finish. It's been my favourite for quite some time. The only minus is a large brush. I wish they just reduce it in half as it's just a little too big for me.

I prep my lips with my newest favourite. I got it as a magazine freebie and have been loving it since I started using it last week. It's The Organics Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm.  I use a lot of lip balms as my lips tend to be very dry and I find this very soothing. It actually works as well as Carmex on me which isn't something I say lightly. I love Carmex, except maybe for it's smell. This one smells sweet. Like one of the Mentos chewy sweets. I love it !!!! I finish my lips with a  little MAC in Pink Nouveu which I've recently gotten on a blog sale for £8 :) I love the smell of MAC lipsticks. This has a satin finish so it doesn't dry out my lips and the colour compliments my eyes and cheeks :)

I hope you liked going through this week's makeup selection. I'll see you soon with another post :)

Thanks for reading.

Dorota x

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