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Unbox with me: Vive la France, July's Glossybox goes to France

Hello my Lovelies. Hope you enjoy your Sunday wherever you are. Today I'm bringing you another "Unbox with me" featuring July's Glossybox. Come and discover France with me and beauty treats hidden inside this limited edition box.

I was tempted to cancel my Glossybox subscription as last few months didn't impress me too much. I am glad I gave it another month as I not only adore the box but also what's inside :)

This month, the editors concentrated on getting the base just right with skincare finds to wow just any beauty enthusiast. They certainly impressed me. Box itself has been designed by fashion's IT artist of the moment Jamie Lee Reardin. Jamie Lee has put her imagination and talent down for likes of Chanel, Givenchy and Christian Dior before. She's inspired by the alternate idea of beauty and her design has been inspired by the first time she visited France for Paris Fashion Week. I am in love with this box and it takes a proud place with the Marilyn design which is now my second favourite. As per usual it comes beautifully packaged and with a happy surprise inside that is Glossybox airport approved makeup bag. It's beautifully design and very pretty. However if I have to be honest it's not as high quality plastic as this month's Birchbox edition (read all about it HERE). It is neverthless beautiful and I will definitely be using it in my future travels or just as a standard makeup bag as it's pretty spacious.

Inside the box I found 4 beauty treats worthy calling it luxury as if Gloxybox has finally listened to my reviews :) It's all about skincare and I'm glad because this months finds are great and come from brands I may have missed before and I'm happy to finally be able to test.

noxidoxi Exhancing Serum Base is advertised as an extreme youth in just 20 seconds. It comes with great on and off switch which helps prevent leaking. The CRC6© moisturising complex keeps the surface of your skin well-moisturised while at the same time penetrating deep down to hydrate the skin cells. It's recommended to use in the mornings after cleansing and under your day cream. It has antioxidants aiming to protect your skin from environment. I'm very glad to be able to test this new french brand. I love face serums and have been on a lookout for a new favourite since finishing my Lancome's Genifique. Who know, this may be the one :) 

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect Skin Definer promises to soothe, decrease the pore size as well as reduce pigmentation. It's recommended for oily skin mainly, however its impressive active ingredients list makes me want to give it a go especially in the areas where my pores are most visible. I have a dry skin but my chin  and cheeks have been prone to occasional breakouts and enlarged pores so I will be giving this gem a test run. 

Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Filler is a welcome addition to this already impressive skincare based box. I generally like Vichy skincare as it works, not much more to say than that. I was glad to find not one but two samples in my box as they're on a rather small side so having two is definitely a bonus. This product contains retinol making a perfect solution for night. I wouldn't suggest to use it for day time as retinol may give you an increased pigmentation if your skin is not protected with high SPF. However it's perfect for night and as I always use SPF 50+ on my face I won't worry about retinol's side effects. Retinol is truly a wonder that perfects your complexion and fight the signs of ageing. 

Lastly Lollipops Lip Balm Délicieuse is completing this moths box. We already had a morning serum and two evening favourites and lip balm is a perfect finishing touch. I like Lollipops and I discovered this french brand through Glossybox in the past. The balm smells wonderful and as I'm addicted to lip protection balms I will definitely be using it :) Having lips prone to dryness makes testing a new lip balms optimal as if they work for my terribly dehydrated skin on my lips they may work for pretty much everyone else. 

You can still order your July's Glossybox for £10 plus P&P. Click HERE for more info. You can also read previous months reviews: May's HERE and June's HERE

I'm super pleased with this months box and my favourites are noxidoxi serum and Vichy Liftactiv filler. They are definitely the ones to watch and I will report more once I'm done testing them out. Hope you liked this month's box as much as I did. Leave me a comment below if you're also a Glossy subscriber and what do you think of your boxes. Don't forget to follow me on the social media (all links below) and I hope to see you next time.

Thanks for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. A ja czekam na to pudełko :) dostałam już info od Royal że jest w drodze :)

    1. Super :) Napewno jest na co czekać :) Dawno już tak zadowolona nie byłam. Produkty sa cudowne. Uwielbiam francuska pielęgnację xxx

      Dziekuję za miły komentarz :)

  2. Skusiłam sie ze względu na to właśnie i wygląd pudełka - jest piękne:-)
    Dodaję do listy i na pewno będę stałym podglądaczem Twojego bloga, fajnie wiedzieć że jest tu właśnie jakaś blokująca polka :-)

    1. Ja wlaśnie przegladam posty u ciebie :) Dziekuje bardzo :) Czy moźna cie znalezc na Bloglovin'?

    2. Dodaj koniecznie swojego bloga do Bloglovin' - ja to nazywam moja ulubiona "gazeta" Zawsze tam obserwuje swoje ulubione blogi :)

    3. Muszę obczaic ta stronę :-) pierwszy raz słyszę i niej :)

    4. To jest coś na czym followujesz blogi. Masz to później na tablicy jak na fejsie i w ten sposób nie przegapisz nic. Ja uwielbiam bo daje mi to możliwość bycia na bieżąco 😊wystarczy ze się zalogujesz. Potem musisz dodać swojego bloga. A na koniec claim as yours żeby Ci dodało do twojego profilu

    5. To jest coś na czym followujesz blogi. Masz to później na tablicy jak na fejsie i w ten sposób nie przegapisz nic. Ja uwielbiam bo daje mi to możliwość bycia na bieżąco 😊wystarczy ze się zalogujesz. Potem musisz dodać swojego bloga. A na koniec claim as yours żeby Ci dodało do twojego profilu


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