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Unbox with me: Capital Beauty Box Best of Summer.

Continuing in the summer motto I come to you bearing gifts and what a gift it is. Since I discovered Latest in Beauty I can’t seem to be able to stay away. So how could I not treat myself to the new Best of Summer box branded by Capital FM. Boasting 14 products it is a great choice for anyone loving makeup and beauty. For us, beauty bloggers it is a dream come true, the perfect mixture of affordable, mid range and even a luxury brands. As usual this one doesn’t disappoint. 

Where should I start? Hair maybe? Capital Beauty Box spoiled us with two haircare choices this time and what a truly summer and festival friendly choices they are. Firstly we are able to test a new Dry Shampoo range from our own, beauty blogger wise, Model Recommends :) Her brand Colab is taking dry shampoo market by storm. It is better than Batiste - yes I said it. Nicely milled, it doesn’t leave white streaks. My personal recipe for success. Spritz your hair before you go to bed. It will give the product more time to absorb the oil and you wake up to fresh (or fresher) hair :) Simples. Paris also smells divine.
I always wanted to try a crazy hair colour. Haven’t you? I’m always scared to further damage my already oh so poorly end so I never do. enter Fudge Urban Hair Art Spray. I got mine in Violet Haze and I will be trying this bad boy out. Yes I am :) super happy with this product being included in the box :) Yes I am :)

It wouldn’t be summer without sun and constant worry of sun damage. I am alway on lookout for a new SPF be it for face or body. Now I’m able to test Hawaiian Tropic Ultra Radiance Satin Protection. It smells good, it a great sample size. Happy me :) Because of it’s size it’s a perfect handbag add on so you can alway top up your SPF to your hands, arms and rest of your uncovered bodies. Summer season is on, let’s protect our assets my lovelies :)
Except for hands, do you know what is the biggest worry of leaving it unprotected during heatwaves? Lips. Yes, we all use a lip balm because our lips are dry but do we always use SPF? Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm in Berry offers a little colour and SPF15. And because it is Carmex it’s also amazing at keeping your hippies in a perfect kissable condition :) You’re welcome :)
I shower up to 4 times a day in summer. It may be excessive but I just can’t stand the sweat. So I am on a constant look out for new shower gels. Once that smell nice and don’t dry out my skin. Sample of I Love… Perfectly Peachy I’ll take with me when I’m out and about. Or I may use it after I finish writing this post up. at 1pm with 30 degrees Celsius in my room :( Smells great :) I ay be tempted to buy full size. Nice add one to the pack :)

My love of a good face mask is demonstrated by the look of my bathroom. Last time I checked there were 12… Tomorrow there will be 13 :) Dr Organic Organic Dead Sea Mineras Bio-Plasma Mud Mask has been developed as a pore treatment. Deep down it may be your new face lift in a tube. Interested? I am :)
After you treat yourself to a mask you may as well test out the travel sized trio from Malin & Geotz. Firstly you get a tiny cleanser - Grapefruit Face Cleanser (it may last you for 3-4 times) Infused with grapefruit it cleans away all the residue and supposedly removed eye makeup. I don’t know about that but the foaming formula does refresh and smells lovely. Next is Vitamin E face moisturiser and that’s the real treat of this trio. I have very dry skin and it made my skin feeling lovely and soft. It also sank in instantly. It’s a yes from me. I use their Lip Balm at night and it truly works. you will wake up with soft lips, ready to take on a day and a boy or two (come on, it’s summer - have some fun)

Capital Box did not dissapoint the makeup obsessed either. Three products are included to get you totally summer ready and care free. Starting with MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Poptastic. It is summer in a palette with gorgeous shimmery shades. Matte enthusiasts will also find two matte shades. I am preparing a separate post on colour eyeshadow palettes so for swatches watch this space (follow me everywhere not to miss out) You can complete the look with MUA’s Mega Volume Mascara boasting a large brush for easy, clump free volume application.
Lastly there’s a Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polish in Soho Place. It’s a turquoise shade that screams summer, beach or festival and even summer city chic :)

So there you go. Another excellent box from Latest in Beauty. I really can’t praise them enough. they made some excellent collaborations this year and I am always on a look out for a new box. It’s a perfect way to top up your makeup bags at the friction of the price. If you love makeup - you will love Latest in Beauty. Capital Beauty Box is still available at £17.99 - buy it here

Thank you for reading my lovelies. i will see you next time with another dose of beauty mania so please stay in touch :) Your feedback is very important to me so leave me a comment. Be it here or on Facebook or Instagram, don’t forget to stop by and say hello :) I’d love to meet you all some day.


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  1. Latest in Beauty has the best boxes and I love the advantage of seeing everything before committing to purchasing the box! I wasn't tempted by this one as I have already so many things to try and test but it has definitely great selection of products :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I just can't say no to Latest inBeauty :) Lately they are the once to look out for. Great collaborations :)

  2. I wait for post with these MUA eyeshadow palette as I'm crazy about colorful eye makeup. And the mask from dr organics intrigued me.
    I love read ur post, there is so much sense of humor :) :) :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm trying :) I really need to get on and post a comparing review of few of the colour palettes I have in my vanity. Just can't find time with my obsession with beauty boxes ;) I've done a post on strobing though so that should be published sooner rather than later :)

  3. Love your blog and I am a new follower!
    I hope that you will follow me too :)


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