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AA skincare - Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye full sized review

I am always on a look out for natural products, be that food, makeup or skincare. So when I was contacted recently by Amphora Aromatics to review their  I was beyond excited to give this one a go. Why? Well firstly I am yet to find that perfect eye makeup remover, or an eye cream... Why both? Because this little product seems to do it all...

Lets start with the packaging. Light beige plastic with green logo has a really earthy feel to it. What I found with AA skincare is that logo colour changes depending on the ingredients. Green - aloe, lilac - lavender and so on. It's plastic so really lightweight and it comes with a pump (yes, this excites me - deal with it). Normally be that eye gels/ eye makeup removers come in awkward tube or bottle packaging, so pump is a pleasant surprise. It's also 50ml which makes it 3 times larger that a standard eye product. It's priced at just below £7 making it an inexpensive way to top up your natural skincare. Gel itself is a clear green gel which makes you think - will this stain? The colour disappears on the face so phew, no worry there. If it does anything it may slightly diminish the dark circles under your eyes.

Active ingredients list is also quite impressive. Gel contains: 
Aloe Vera helps to cool, calm and sooth skin and is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which can promote cell growth, Seaweed is a natural anti-inflammatory helping to sooth and calm skin. It contains Essential Fatty Acids that help to hydrate and protect skin and promotes healthy cell growth helping to repair damaged skin caused by ageing, Cucumber extract helps to nourish and hydrate skin and is a great astringent for the skin, Witch Hazel extract is a great anti-inflammatory and astringent that helps tighten skin, Cornflower and Eye Bright extracts help to sooth skin, Sea LavenderWild ThymeMallow extractKelp extractBladder WrackIrish Moss.
For full ingredients list please visit here.

To fully test the product I took three whole weeks swapping it from my usual makeup removers and morning eye gel. First week I only used it as makeup remover as producent suggests to do. It does the job. It will remove your eye makeup and it will not irritate your eyes even with the tingling sensation I always get for the first few moments of putting this gel on my skin. It will not remove waterproof makeup or Benefit mascara but rarely anything does. Would I swap my current makeup remover for this - probably not. 

Looking through ingredients list and reading up upon most I decided to give it a go as a refreshing eye gel instead. As I previously mentioned, when first applied it gives a little tingling sensation. It's not pleasant and at first i was worried, there's something in it I'm allergic too. How wrong I was!!! I started using it in the morning as part of my routine now. What I do is to apply a little (a little goes a long way here ladies and gents) on my fingers and directly under my eyes in a cleaning motion. In seconds as the tingling sensation fades my eyes are more open, refreshed, nearly all puffiness gone. AMAZING!! I then take a little micellar water to remove most of the product and continue with my routine. I will still use my standard eye cream afterwards (I am nearly 30 - I need serious moisture people - don't judge lol) but it works so well as a refreshing gel in the morning I can't believe how much I like it !!! So if you're a young mother, who doesn't remember what sleep is, a student, a party-goer or you just always the last to fall asleep and wake up early - this gem is for you !! It will not be for people who like to keep their routine simple with one or two products but for beauty maniacs who understand the importance of natural skincare as well as love trying out amazing new products - go and get it tigers :)

You can get AA Skincare here and it's worth checking their website out as it not only delivers great natural products but also bases to make your OWN skincare !! Brilliant !! To get Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel click here

AA skincare if offering you 20% of your order with the code BLOG20. Use it at the checkout to enjoy 20% discount on your order. Valid until end of August.

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*Disclaimer: This product has been sent to me as a PR sample. I did not get paid to review it and I don't get paid for your purchases if you use a discount code. All opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds like a lovely refreshing gel for those mornings when the eyes don't want stay awake. Must be even nicer right from the fridge :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I will be using the code to get some masks as well. I'm very impressed with this natural line so I want to try more. Xx


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