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Unbox with me - The festival EDIT - Glossybox June 2015

It has come on my doorstep bright and early. I always look forward to my monthly delivery as box is beautiful in itself and packaging is best to none. I get to keep the box and my kitty gets to play with the ribbon.Win win :)As per usual Glossybox is £10 per month plus P&P charges bringing it up to around £14. This months I received 5 beauty products to test.

Starting with the biggest product in the box it’s Kueshi’s Anticellulite Booster lotion. Valued at £14.55 it is a full size product. I’ve known Kueshi through Glossybox and the face tonic I received months ago I absolutely love. It is a really great, mostly natural brand. However I feel like this is a perfect example why Glossy feels like it’s been failing me lately. I don’t use anti cellulite body creams and even though it’s a great product I won’t have any use of it. Lately it happens quite often with my treats from the box. It doesn’t feel good anymore as I mainly end up giving them all away. Back to the lotion it combines a mixture of natural ingredients (Parabens free) and antioxidants. I have given it to my mom and she feels like it has a nice toning & tightening effect after use.
I love a good face mist. I was actually pretty happy to see Monu spa Rosewood Reviving Mist in my box this month. I was first introduced to Monu by Glossybox and I do tend to like their products (I have few oils and they have been good to me). It will be great for in need of refresh stressed skin as it has a great mix of essential oil like lemon, rosewood and geranium. Smell is pretty pleasant too, however little strong for some of you whom may not like strong smelling products. I’ve only used it to refresh my non make up face but I ma looking forward to try and set makeup with it. if it’s good it may end up in favourites, time will tell. It’s a sample product which is perfect to add to your bag. The full size will set you by £11.95.

Something I wasn't really expecting to find in my box was Halo’s Fragrance Free Facial Wipes. They come in travel size (10) and costs only £1.20. These will be great for travel, don’t get me wrong, but facial wipes in Glossybox? No, thank you. Quite disappointing to say the least.

Talking disappointments. I love finding great, cheap makeup brands. I am a sucker to find amazing products that work well for the friction of the price. I’ve discovered Essence in my local Wilko store some time ago and own many products from the brand. They are cheap and good quality. However this is not the first time they end up in my Glossybox. And as much as I like a nice new nail polish, finding one that costs £1.71 as a standard it’s not something I am looking to discover in my luxury beauty box.
Lastly there are Flash Tattoos. Not surprise there as they are very IN and coming festival season we will all be sporting them. Lovely add on but this is what it should be - an add on and not advertised as a full size product. I believe them to be a Glossybox own brand retailed at £6.50.
So what do I think of this months box? Honestly I am not impressed at all. Very disappointing purchases and I personally wouldn’t buy this box if I knew what’s coming.

I think with the amount of beauty boxes on the market right now, there are so many better ones that are so much better value for money. For an extra few pounds I got my latest Glamour Summer Edit from Latest in Beauty and I absolutely loved it. Glossybox just doesn’t compare anymore.
I think it’s time for me and Glossybox to go on a break. I’ve been with them for 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It let me experience new brands and bunch of amazing products. However as I grow as an individual and a beauty tester I found them less surprising and less exciting each month. So unfortunately June will be my last box for now. If you’d like me to keep reviewing them in the future, let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to oblige. However from my own perspective I don’t need a Glossy in my life anymore. Or at least for now.

Let me know your thoughts my lovelies.

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  1. Definitely not impressive! I've never been subscribed to Glossybox as it wasn't that great really, there are better beauty boxes on the market. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Me and Glossy are definitely taking a break as I cancelled my subscription. I am a little sad because it was Glossybox which has gotten me totally addicted to testing makeup and skincare. So I hope they will improve soon so I can go back ;)

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