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New brand alert - Freedom Makeup London #3 “Just look in to my EYES” (part 1)

I already talked about Freedom Makeup. They launched recently promising us professional quality makeup at the friction of the price. It seems a lot of people agree. Just search for hashtags like #MACformasses on Instagram. I am deep in to testing their products. Firstly I concentrated on lips and was quite impressed (read about it all here), recently I took face products under my radar (all about it here ladies). I found few gems which I am so grateful for. I love finding great products that are cheap and therefore available to everyone. Freedom Makeup is an UK based brand with worldwide delivery making it easy to purchase wherever you are (follow the link here). You can also find them on Beauty Crowd here.

As you probably know I love eyeshadows. Eyeshadows got me hooked to makeup. I used to be horrible at application. Countless Youtube tutorials later I am a little better at doing it :) As I am now more knowledgable about the whole process I also know better what to look out for when buying eyeshadows. I prefer mine to be of nearly cream like consistency as they go on like you wouldn’t believe and are best for blending. I love my eyeshadows to be well pigmented with a little to none fallout. 
When choosing which colours to order I looked through my collection and thought that I already own way too many neutrals, both matte and shimmer. More than I can probably ever use :) So I went for colours. 
From Left: Brights 228, Brights 226, Brights 227

I choose 1 matte finish Brights 226 which is a brilliant true Pink. Gorgeous shade and great pigmentation. Brights 228 which is a lovely satin Purple shade. It will work well to bring out green/grey eyes :) Lovely and intense colour, blends as a dream like all of them. Brights 227 is a beautiful sparkly Lilac. There’s no harsh glitter there. It shines through which is a beautiful combination. i love the formula and can’t wait to have a proper play with it. 
From Left: Gilded 216, Brights 224, Brights 221
Brights 224 is a gorgeous, fresh cut grass like Green. Again it’s a shimmer and very intense. It will work beautifully with dark eyes. Lastly from Brights comes 221 which once more is well pigmented colour. It’s such a pretty Blue. Think skies. Think summer. Amazing for colourful makeup looks. I also got one eyeshadow from the series Gilded, 216 is a foil like finish Rose Gold shade. It goes on well but it is easy to take just a little too much on a brush. Remember with these, a little goes a long way and colour build up is a dream with these eyeshadows.

Formula of all of them is lovely. They all feel really soft when swatched. In the swatches I only just touched them lightly. One swipe. So as you can see they are all intensely pigmented. They are a pleasure to work with. They don’t dissapear when blending. 

Packaging is very plastic but by doing so the brand offers you a great quality for £1 per shade instead of £15 plus. I would be tempted to depot them in to a z palette or something similar. I would much prefer them to come without packaging but in so form as to put them in to magnetic palettes straight away. If only I could suggest it to Freedom :) Especially for a pro artist, who just can’t afford the hassle of having hundreds of these around in his/hers makeup bag. 

The only little complaint I have is a lack of names for each shade. I like that they’re numbered but I would personally like to have a name associated with each shade :)

Altogether I love, love, love them. I only chose a limited amount in the beginning but I am looking forward to expanding my collection in the future. Matte shades are something I will be intrigued to test some more.

So what’s your opinion, yay or nay? I’ll give them a 4 out of 5* with a star missing for packaging as I would much prefer to see them in depot friendly option :)

Hope you enjoyed reading my usual ramblings and hope to see you soon for another post :)

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  1. These are stunning! I think I need to place another order :) I didn't buy any of the singles because I much prefer palettes but, like you said, I might depot them and place in the Z-palette :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I normally prefer palettes too but wanted to try their mono shadows and I'm glad I did. I still feel these should be sold as depor ready versions like MAC, Inglot or Kiko. Packaging on these is very plastic so at least that would be avoided 😘


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