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Color Tattoo one on one - review and swatches

I came across Color Tattoo less than a year ago and already late to the party. Having read and watch countless reviews I found myself wanting to check out what’s the fuss all about. 
I currently own 9 pots with 3 shades that I use pretty much every day. Because this is what they are made for - every day makeup you can do in 5 minutes :) Just swipe a little colour on your eyelid with your fingers, grab a blending brush and blend it out in the crease with a little matte shade of some sorts and you are ready to go. For more made up makeup you can layer them, or use them as a base to bring out the colours on top. The formula is waterproof so they make for a great base under any eyeshadow. Great on it’s own and play well with others :)
My Color Tattoo collection

My absolute favourites is On and On Bronze. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that i talk about it all the time. I mainly use it on its own as it gives a beautiful subtle yet defined look to my eyes bringing out the blue in them. 

If I want something extra I will also use Pink Gold (second favourite of mine) in the inner corners which opens up the eye and makes me look more refreshed. I will also use it on it’s own blending it slightly in the crease with some matte eyeshadow to give a little depth to my crease. 

Thirdly comes time to talk about the best of them all, Permanent Taupe. Why? Because it’s multipurpose. It will work as a great base for a greyish, taupe toned makeup. Not on it’s own in my opinion. It doesn’t compliment my colourings anyway. I also mix a little of it with my cream contour shade giving it a little bit more greyish tone which suit my skin. It works brilliant with anything I tried so far and waterproof formula means it help them last a lot longer overall. So if you were looking for that perfect contour colour and failing because everything on the market is way too warm for you, look no further. Just mix a little bit of my Holy Grail here and blend away :) I also use it for my brows and believe me when I say it is the best product so far I’ve tried. It’s colour is exactly the same as a natural colour of my brows so it looks so natural on me. It stays on all day and application is oh so easy. It’s also £4.99 and not £15 as Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I would like to try and compare them one day but not until I use up at least some of my collection of brow products.

Metallic Pomegranate is a beautiful, warm shade that is perfect for light eyes. It brings out the colour in them. It works great as a base for red toned eyeshadows and also on it’s own. I used it a lot during an autumn season as my every day shade :)

I must say, I rarely use an Immortal Charcoal. It’s a lovely grey shade, as highly pigmented as the rest of them. It just doesn’t suit my colourings as much. I may need to find it a loving home as I only ever watched it once or twice :)

I bought Timeless Black to try and use it instead of Gel Liner. it doesn’t work as well as eyeliner. But it works great as a base for these times when you need your base to be as dark as possible to bring out the pigmentation in your shadows. Think big and beautiful.

Eternal Gold is a pretty light gold shade that goes on beautifully and will look great on anyone. For someone with darker skin tones you could probably use it as a little highlight as well.

24K Gold is an extreme gold. It gives you that WOW effect and it’s definitely not an every day look. I like it for the times when I’d like to make a statement with my makeup.

Chocolate Suede is more matte than any of the rest. You can use it in the crease as I like to combine it with On and On Bronze. I feel like they both look beautifully together to if you’re going for that Bronze Goddess look that’s so IN right now.
From Left: Eternal Gold, 24K gold, Pink Gold
From Left: On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe and Chocolate Suede
From Left: Metallic Pomegranate, Immortal Charcoal, Timeless Black
So that’s it for my little Color Tattoo collection. I hope you enjoyed my review and the swatches can help you make a decision as to which of the above to pick up on your next visit to Superdrug or Boots.

I love certain shades more than others as they suit me better. However I am so impressed with formula of these overall. They go on really smoothly and are super pigmented. They are also easy to blend and play well with others as a base for powder eyeshadow or even a mix with a cream bronzer. 

I’ll give them 5 out of 5* because they are cheap and one of the best cream shadows I worked with. Would you agree? Let me know in the comments below :)

Thank you for reading and see you soon with another post.

Dorota x

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