Monday, 1 June 2015

Bye bye or see ya later? May empties.

I like empties. Empties mean that regardless of my compulsive beauty buying I still end up using the products I purchased :) I was particularly happy to use up some of my makeup as we all know these tend to last a long way. 

I love taking baths. I’m a bath person. I always use Avon bath bubbles as they are great quality at really inexpensive price. Last month I used up their White Tea & Jasmine bubble bath. I really liked the scent, however it may not be my absolute favourite of their range. I already repurchased as at any given time you will find 2-3 bottles of this stuff in my bathroom.

Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner

I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to body lotions. I also hate dry skin. Compromise? Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner has saved my life. Takes a minute to apply and then you shower off the excess. My skin felt nourished and taken care off. Would I repurchase? Probably. I am now on a hunt to test more in-shower body creams as they are an efficient (read - lazy) way to a beautiful skin :)

Having long hair is a blessing. Braids, buns, loose. You name it and it can be done nicely with long hair. Taking care of long hair is not as easy. Mine tends to be damaged at the ends as I highlight them ombre style. And they tend to be flat at the top and totally frizzy towards the end. When I purchased Dove Oxygen series I had high hopes. I read few nice reviews and decided to give them a go. I don’t need a lot of volume but I prefer a little of it so it doesn’t look flat. Dove has given my hair new found strength and a little volume of the scalp. I use extra leave in treatments on my ends however the daily hair routine is dealt with by Oxygen series. I already repurchased as I’m very pleased with the results it give me.

Lancome Genifique
I finally used up my Lancome Genifique serum. It is quite on an expensive side but I prefer to take care of my skin before it is too late. I’m nearly 30 years old and on a constant hunt for better skincare. I was not 100% happy with it. I haven’t seen any smoothening effect and i felt like it was a little drying on my skin when used with Lancome moisturiser on top. However I now changed it to a very rich, oil based night cream and serum worked much better underneath. So if you’re planning to give it a go I would highly recommend mixing it with oils or just use a very rich cream. I may buy this again in the future but so far I’m not wowed enough to commit to such expensive purchase. I much preferred a Lancome Dream Tone serum. This was only a sample size but I am contenplating purchasing a full sized product as it was nourishing and made my skin look lovely in the morning.

Skin Pep Hydra Boost & Lancome DreamTone
If I owe Glossy Box subscription anything, it is a discovery of Skin Pep range. Last month I used up a Hydra Boost - hyaluronic acid serum from the range and I absolutely love it. Watery formula means mixing it with creams or other serums is extremely easy. It gives my skin an extra moisture boost and I am completely in love with it. I use it with Vit C powder for an extra radiance boost and have already repurchased it few times. Great product and highly recommended !!! 

Nail Girls Top Coat & OPI Nail Envy
I heard of OPI Nail Envy via blogs and Youtube. My nails are brittle and very weak. Me bitting them for years have not helped the cause so I was desperate to find a product to help me grow them out stronger. I have seen results instantly. After a week my nails grew quicker and I was very hopeful this would continue and I will finally be able to show off my hands instead of hiding them. Unfortunately few weeks in my nails experienced a totally opposite reaction. They started to peel and break badly. I started to read up on ingredients and found that formaldehyde can in fact make my nails even weaker. I had to quit Nail Envy and am still for on a lookout for a good nail treatment without formaldehydes. If you have some you can recommend let e know and I will be happy to test it out. I also used up Nail Girls top coat. Again this is a discovery straight from a Glossy Box and it did the trick. It made my nail polish last a day or 2 longer and made them glossy. Would I repurchase it? Probably not as I currently prefer gell effect top coats and I’m testing a new range as we speak (or type lol) :)

Lastly and proudly my empties in makeup :) I managed to use up a red Lancome liquid lipstick. I don’t know the shade as the packaging is a little damaged from a constant use. I adored this shade. It was rich red, but not too big on pigmentation, making it a perfect day at the office lip colour. Lasted 3-4 hours and faded nicely. If I didn’t have 50+ lip products in my collection i would definitely repurchase. I also used up a sample size of Lance Juicy Tube and I have to say these lip glosses are lovely. The smell was very pleasant and lasting power wasn’t bad. However it dried my lips out a bit so I will probably not buy these again. 

Makeup Empties
One product I will most definitely NOT buy again is Wonder’full Mascara by Rimmel. This mascara did nothing to my lashes except for separating them. There was no product on the brush and it took 4 coats to even cover them in full. A complete waste of money for me. I bought it on a recommendation in either Boots or Superdrug and because of it being infused with Argan Oil however I did not see any improvement in my lashes and on most days I looked like I haven’t got mascara on. I used it for couple of weeks and stopped. This is not an empty because I couldn’t continue using a product I hated so much.

I’d like to know if you tried any of the above? What are your thoughts on them? I’d love you to leave me a comment below and tell me your favourite products and I would be happy to give them a go :)



  1. fajne maja te plyny do kapieli z Avon i znalazlas juz moze inne lotiony pod prysznic, tez je lubie. a kupywalas ta nowa maskare z rimmela. fajne posty!

    1. Chyba po tej mascarze z Rimmel starczy mi ich na długi czas !! Ta była okropna !! Ja jednak chyba wolę moje ukochane z Maybelline albo z droższej półki z Benefit :) Uwielbiam płyny z Avon :) A teraz wychodzi właśnie balsam do ciała pod prysznic. Dostępny będzie za dwa katalogi. Dam znać jak przetestuję :) Jestem konsultantka, więc jak coś ci potrzeba to dawaj znać :)

  2. Ja tez uzywalam Nail Envy I po kilku miesiecach stan moich paznokci sie bardzo poprawil, ale potem znow zaczely mi sie rozdwajac :( Lancôme Genifique za taka cene powiniwn byc 'miracle in the bottle' :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Zgadzam sie w 100%. Ja kiedyś szalałam za Lancome ale teraz już wiem, że można taniej i lepiej np Origins, czy Skin Pep a nawet Body Shop. Ale DreamTone z kolei cudny był. Miałam chyba 3 samples i naprawdę się polubiliśmy. w konsusyencji przypomina mi moje ulubione serum z Origins :) Z Nail Envy miałam tak samo. Tymczasowe polepszenie stanu paznokci a potem większa tragedia niż przed kuracja. xx

  3. oddalam tą mascare siostrze a balsamik z nivea mnie nie powali

    1. Napewno nie daję nawilżenia jak typowy balsam do ciała ale dla takiego balsamowego leniucha jak ja bardzo sposobał się koncept. Szukam teraz takiego wow!! Mascara nie nadaje się do niczego - bleee!!


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